Friday, July 17, 2015

PCG's Bible Story Now Online

So Joel Hilliker stated that PCG had bought the copyright for The Bible Story. Banned by HWA also reported on this development.

PCG has released their version of The Bible Story online at their website.

They have currently released eight volumes.

The first volume is copyrighted 2008. Volume 2 is dated 2009. Volume 3 is dated 2009. Volume 4 is dated 2010. Volume 5 is dated 2011. Volume 6 is dated 2012. Volume 7 is dated 2013. And Volume 8 is dated 2014.

The first six volumes use the old text and interior illustrations by Basil Wolverton. (The chapters are arranged differently from how WCG divided the volumes.) However the volume covers are different.

 But starting with Volume 7, set during the time of David, PCG began writing the text themselves and producing their own interior illustrations for them. Volume 7 is written by Robert Morley and David Brandon. Volume 8 is written by Robert Morley and Brent Nagtegaal. It is still ongoing. Currently PCG's account is still set in the two kingdoms period.

The fact that Volume 1 is copyrighted in 2008 would indicate that PCG purchased the copyright no later then that. So it seems PCG has possessed the copyright for about seven years but because of PCG's secretiveness this has not been widely known until now.


  1. As a child, the first piece of scary literature that I was exposed to was "The US and BC in Prophecy". There were companion booklets, such as "1975 in Prophecy" and "The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!" The cumulative effect on a young child was one of realization that life as you knew it was basically over. It was accompanied by anxiety, depression, and the profound wish that one had never been born. Total devastation. The official way in which these side effects were taught to be dealt with was that it was the individual's responsibility to control the natural attitudes which might surface. One was commanded to rejoice in "God's" truth. Most of us never were able to reach that paragon. We lived in constant fear, and secretly wished that these events would never, ever occur in our lifetime, and thankfully they haven't.

    By the time the Bible Story appeared as a serial in the Plain Truth, my generation had already become accustomed to the idea that God wasn't your friend upstairs, having His angels and your deceased loved ones watch after you, He was an angry, judgmental being just waiting to swoop down and punish you for any and every minor infraction. There was no such thing as unconditional love. Each of us was totally expendable, and on a minute to minute basis, and the ministers were largely in control as to how He would deal with us.

    So, when the Bible Story came out, we were already desensitized, and it appeared to be comparatively benign next to the prophecy booklets. Now, decades later, with the further education and societal evolution of mankind, it seems shocking in its total lack of appropriateness for children. However, back then, in context, it seemed appropriate to HWA's visions, and totally in context for his version of a church.

    To those of us who have continued our post-Armstrong enlightenment and education, it now seems camp, misguided, and even naive - part of a National Enquirer version of a religious experience. It is probably as marginalized as the "comics" of Jack Chick. But, we must remember, great damage was done, and still can be done to young minds and personalities, and it would have been much preferable had this "work" remained dormant, a museum piece from a failed religious movement.


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this here. I am honored that you would share such things on this blog. Thank you.