Thursday, June 9, 2016

COGs Clinging to British Israelism

Ambassador Watch has an intriguing post which shows how British Israelism continues to be taught within the COGs even though it seems to be increasingly accepted in private by the COGs' leaders that it simply is not true.


  1. We have to ask, what ever happened to Herbert Armstrong's statement, "Prove us wrong and we will change!"?

    We've proved them wrong repeatedly and they have refused to change. In the case of British Israelism, Armstrongists promote it when they know it's wrong and do so contemptuously to defy truth, just to hold on to a century old superstition of magic and science fiction alternative earth history.

    It's insulting.

    It's time they admit they are wrong and change, just like Herbert Armstrong said they would.

    Liars are supposed to not be able to inherit the Kingdom of God, but Armstrongists would have you believe that it requires lying to attain the Kingdome of God.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    It is terrible the COGs continue to promote utter nonsense wasting the time of those who are tricked into believing this nonsense.

  3. There was a time when they would be blanketing their media and airwaves with advance opinions on the upcoming British vote on secession from the EU, and proclaiming it as one more sign of the end times. Does anyone have any knowledge of any of the splinter groups jumping on the HWA bandwagon regarding this? Are they losing confidence in the HWA prophecy mold and timeline? Or, have they learned some lessons about safety and credibility?


  4. I suspect they still teach such things. But it so hard to know what their attitude to these ideas are precisely.