Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PCG Feast Sites Revealed

Exit and Support Network have released the following letter (June 21).
PCG Feast Sites for 2016:

June 21, 2016

I found a Feast planner for 2016. Here are the sites with expected attendance:

Edmond, OK 700
Lexington KY 650
Palm Harbor, FL 600
Ogden, UT 300+
Bellingham, WA 225
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 200
Invermere, BC, Canada 200
St. Lucia, Caribbean 150
Enfield, Ireland 275
Tweed Heads, Australia 350
Clark, Philippines 350
Limpopo, South Africa 125
Medellin-Guatape, Colombia 60
Huanchaco, Peru 25


  1. These numbers are really shrunken! Could there really only be a little over 4,000 PCG members around the world?


  2. In reality the PCG is much smaller. Remember these numbers give the capacity of the sites, not the actual attendance. I have visited some of the places listed and attendance there during the feast was nowhere near these figures.

    Also remember site capacity numbers also take into account infants, children and unbaptised youths/adults.

    Actual baptised PCG members would be much closer to 3,000 globally.

    It is also an old church. For example, in two of the church areas I have visited I am the youngest baptised male, and I am over 50!

  3. Byker Bob,

    It is quite surprising to see PCG's membership be like this.

    L Jeffries,

    I didn't realize that point that the numbers are capacity not how many will attend. If anything the number of those who attend may be smaller.

    And although I sort of suspected PCG mainly catered for older persons I did not realize that their membership should be so drastically inclined toward those advanced in age.