Saturday, June 11, 2016

PCG Still Spreading Fear and Hostility Against Japan

Even though Japan has been a close ally of the United States since 1945 none of that seems to matter to PCG's leaders. To this day they insist on demonizing Japan and frighten their readers and listeners with dire proclamations that Japan is building up its military and getting ready to acquire nuclear weapons. Memories of the atrocities and many terrible things that happened in the days of Japanese Imperialism are exploited in an irresponsible way to justify the PCG's leadership's present hostility and enmity against Japan. This attitude is a continuation of what happened in HWA's WCG. How is it right to be hostile to people born after 1945 who never committed those things?

In the latest instance of PCG's demonization of Japan PCG's commented on President Obama's recent visit to Japan. This visit was exploited by PCG's leaders to stir up hostility and painful memories of what happened up to 1945 against Japan seemingly having no regard for Japan's alliance with the United States since 1945. (Stephen Flurry, Hiroshima and America’s Dangerous Amnesia, June 10, 2016.)
In all of Mr. Obama’s almost-apologies, the fact that Japan started the war was ignored. Too many today do not want to assign blame. Each side in a war is considered equally immoral. Wars are written off as either the fault of both sides, or accidents.
There is nothing wrong with noting historical facts. Contrary to Stephen Flurry's insinuation it is well known that it was the Japanese government that started the war by attempting to conquer China.

Even though the United States is by far the most militarily powerful nation state possessing military bases in Japan and elsewhere it so happens that Stephen Flurry tries to make his readers fearful that President Obama is disarming the United States and is collaborating with Japan's military build up. Note the inflammatory language against a long standing ally of the United States.
[President Obama] restated that again in Japan two weeks ago—and he makes these statements about disarming America even as Japan is in the midst of a massive military buildup! Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, imposed by the U.S. because Japan was such a killing machine, says, “land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.”

Mr. Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is broadly interpreted as an endorsement of Abe’s campaign to reinterpret that Constitution and lead Japan away from its guilty past and into the world arena of global conflict. America’s pacifism is awakening the samurai. ... Washington is, in fact, pushing for Japan to remilitarize and “to shoulder some of the burden of stabilizing global conflicts.” Fear of U.S. inaction coupled with fear of increasing Chinese and North Korean aggression is motivating Japan to once again become a military power.
Later in the article Stephen Flurry erroneously confuses the deadly explosion over Nagasaki with the end of World War II which occurred on August 15.
The war in the Pacific was so horrific that the world was in jubilation in August 1945—not because atomic bombs killed 100,000 people, but because it finally brought that nightmare to an end. The world on Aug. 9, 1945, was cheering the end of what had been the worst war of human history.
When PCG talk about China and North Korea it so happens that many others are concerned about China and North Korea is universally loathed as a bastion of a particularly authoritarian dictatorship. So when PCG condemns them it does not seem so strange. But Japan has been closely allied with the United States since 1945. And yet PCG's leaders seem to have no regard or gratitude for this. Despite this long standing alliance and accord PCG's leaders are quite willing to make their readers and listeners fearful and scared of them. PCG's leaders refuse to reciprocate Japan's alliance with the United States since 1945.

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  1. These idiots are taking a dump on their own history. HWA was actually quite chummy with Japan. Seems they are quite selective in this case with the mantle they ususally claim from HWA.


  2. So true. HWA was friendly with several Japanese politicians but PCG's leaders seem content to scare monger against Japan and make their readers and listeners afraid that Japan will make a great big military with the insinuation that this will be used against the United States.