Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Right Wing Israeli Exremists Celebrate Massaacre in Tel Aviv

Recently four Israelis were murdered in a shooting rampage in Tel Aviv. Many expressed their shock, sadness and sympathy to the victims.

But some right wing Israelis chose to celebrate the massacre.
A young woman ... for example, wrote, “The important thing is that it happened in Tel Aviv. Such a pleasure.” After her incitement got lots of shares, Facebook removed the post, but not to be deterred, she then posted (since removed as well), “One of those killed in the attack was a Peace Now activist [referring to Michael Feige]. Stop. I can’t stand this happiness … Elor Azarya [the soldier who shot dead an injured Palestinian attacker in Hebron on March 24], this is for you.” That post got 130 shares.

[She] is by no means alone, as evidenced by the dozens of supportive comments and praise for her posts, some of which dubbed her a “queen.” A guy ... wrote, “Being a leftist is being a German,” and another ... said that leftists are “sick and ugly creatures; Hamas is welcome to kill all the leftists.” And so it went. (Al Monitor, June 13, 2016.)
Shame on them. What a terrible thing to do. This is terrible and shameful behavior.

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