Monday, June 6, 2016

Islamophobic Armed Militia in Texas

AJ+ has released a chilling report discussing an armed militia in Texas that is preparing to fight an alleged future Muslim uprising. It is entitled Armed and Vigilant: In Fear of a Muslim Uprising in Texas.

Hearing the militiaman's talk of an alleged Muslim uprising it sounds so similar to Gerald Flurry's false prophecy of "race war" except the target of fear and loathing has simply been changed from African Americans to Muslims.

The reporter also covers a shooting incident in which some man shot at a store that happened to have the name Omar in it. One man was killed and the suspect has now been charged with murder. According to another report the suspect is alleged to have shouted "Muslim" as though in accusation while shooting.

The reporter also meets one Muslim who states that one time he was in a car park and a man told him he would murder him if he could and showed him that he was carrying a gun.

Meanwhile in the information bubble within PCG's 1% these things appear to be largely unknown. Back on July 17, 2015 PCG's Robert Morley made the following statement denigrating concerns about the treatment towards American Muslims.
You know we saw in the media ... especially in previous cases we saw them pretending like the greatest danger in this war on terror is increased discrimination against these peaceful Muslims. Like they talk like the biggest danger for America is if, you know, suddenly there's going to be discrimination against Muslims. Well we don't see people going out there and attacking Muslims and going into their mosques and shooting people up. That doesn't happen in America. At least to this point we havn't seen that. (Robert Morley, Trumpet Hour, July 17, 2015, 32-33 minutes, as cited in a previous post.)
Life outside of the information bubble would have to disagree.

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