Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PCG Continues Beating Their War Drums Against Iran

Back in 1994 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, proclaimed that Iran would be the King of the South. Ever since then, particularly since 9/11, PCG's leaders have constantly vilified Iran in order to prop up their claim that God is with Gerald Flurry. Despite all that has happened with ISIL since 2014 and the agreement made last year PCG continues to beat the drums of war against Iran.

PCG's Callum Wood has written an article discussing the battle of Fallujah. The main purpose of this article is to scare monger about Iran. It is perfectly proper to discuss problems. There are indeed fears that excesses against civilians may occur. But it is important to note the real purpose of PCG's demonization of Iran: It is an attempt to convince their readers that God is with Gerald Flurry.

Meanwhile PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article ridiculing diplomatic attempts to start diplomatic relations with Khomeini after the overthrow of the Shah. These talks are used by Hilliker to rubbish the United States' reaction to the overthrow of the Shah. These events are exploited to once again condemn the 2015 agreement with Iran.

Astoundingly there is no mention of the Iran-Contra scandal regarding this topic. Carter and Obama are condemned. But no mention is made of how the Reagan Administration sent arms to Iran in an attempt to regain hostages being held in Lebanon.

Furthermore the State of Israel at the time viewed Iraq as the greater regional threat instead of Iran. So as late as 1987 the State of Israel sent arms to Iran. in order to weaken Iraq. (War Against the People by Jeff Halper (2015).) It was only in the early 1990s under Prime Minister Rabin that Israel began to view Iran as the main regional threat. And one reason why this happened was that this was a way that Rabin tried to convince Israelis to accept compromises with the Palestinians. It was part of Rabin's attempt to make peace however that aspect of his policy was later ignored. Hilliker does not explain these things.

Why is it Hilliker chooses to condemn two Democratic Party presidents but what happened under a Republican president is ignored and left unmentioned? Once again PCG's bias towards the right is once again exposed. I do not condemn PCG for being right wing but it is important to note that they are right wing because this explains many of their political stances.

PCG's leaders seem content to stir up hostility against Iran in order to "prove" that God is with them as much as possible. But it is important to note: They are but false prophets. Their words will fail.

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