Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mark Armstrong condemning Mainstream Media and Scientists Warning of Climate Change

Intercontinental Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, has released another weekly update (January 27, 2016). It is filled with the usual invective against supposed liberal elites he so often gives in these weekly updates.

(This weekly update was released before President Trump's recent executive order on immigrants from certain countries.)

This time he complains about the mainstream media and scientists criticizing of President Trump. First he starts with discussion of President Trump's speech to the CIA.
With the new presidency, only a week old, the mainstream media is just beside itself with shock, anger and outrage.  First, President Trump desecrated "hallowed ground" at Langley headquarters of the CIA immediately by disputing the media's estimates of "crowd size" at the inauguration!  The nightly "semi-circle of doom" (coined by Laura Ingraham) says the president just couldn't resist his lying boast, even as he stood before the "Wall of Fallen Heroes" at the CIA.
Despite the vast majority of scientists saying the climate change caused by human activity is happening he insists it is all a big conspiracy by the US government, the UN, the vast majority of scientists to get money from Americans and create some sort of dictatorship. Emitting more greenhouse gases than has ever occurred within human history just somehow magically does nothing to the environment. Apparently he expects us to ignore the vast majority of scientists and listen to a church leader in Tyler, Texas.
Upon hearing that, the government sponsored, UN funded panic over global warming and climate change leaped to mind.  The East Anglia scandal was one example among others others, where "science" was fudged to rewrite historical temperature data and broadcast the "results" around the world to be reported as "news" and to "prove" that global warming is going to disrupt all life on earth unless vast sums of wealth are redistributed and government agencies take control of nearly every personal decision.  Neither the U. S. government nor the UN nor any western government for that matter has funded any study that disputed the dogma of "global warming" over a period of many years.  That never rose to the level of "big trouble" in the eyes of the media.  It was downplayed at best, and for the most part ignored.  Most people never heard of the East Anglia scandal, and still haven't.
Actually this incident was widely discussed at the time and prompted an increase in distrust of scientists warning about climate change.
The immediate impact on public opinion was dramatic. A poll by Yale and George Mason University (GMU) found that in November 2008, 71 percent of respondents agreed that the planet is warming (PDF). Five weeks after Climategate, only 57 percent believed it. The emails, said a Yale report (PDF), had "a significant effect on public beliefs in global warming and trust in scientists." (Mother Jones, April 21, 2011.)
So much for Mark Armstrong's claim that most people had never heard of this.

Furthermore the scientists involved were largely exonerated.
A six-month investigation into the leaked e-mails that formed the "climategate" scandal has largely exonerated key scientists, including Phil Jones, the former – and now reinstated – director of the University of East Anglia's (UEA) Climate Research Unit (CRU). The CRU's key findings have a major impact on the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which in turn influences climate policy on a global scale, including pending cap-and-trade carbon offset legislation in the US. Critics charged that the "climategate" e-mails proved that researchers were gaming the science to win public support for the idea that countries need to act to correct global warming. 
In his report, British civil servant Sir Muir Russell found that the climategate e-mails don't undermine the basic science behind man-made global warming. Nevertheless, the impact of the leaked e-mails has been to push scientists toward the realization that talking about punching climate skeptics and being coy about releasing data hardly build public trust in their work. (Christian Science Monitor, July 7, 2010.)
And now back to Mark Armstrong.

He complains that Mexico should wish to not pay for a wall and about the sanctuary cities. He also absurdly compares arguments with a thrashing, falsely equating disagreement with physical violence.
The discussion of Mexico paying for a southern border wall has already created something of an international incident, with Mexico's president canceling his scheduled visit.  We're told that a trade war is in the offing, and that Americans will simply pay for any imposition tariffs applied to goods produced in Mexico.  But the policy of deporting illegal alien criminals?  That's where the long knives come out.  Mayors of sanctuary cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle and dozens if not hundreds of others are warning of protests and law suits the likes of which we've rarely seen if any attempt is made to deport.  We hear how law abiding immigrants will have their families ripped apart if Trump's policies should be enacted.  Neither the mayors, nor the Governor of California will stand by and let it happen.  No doubt there will be lawsuits that will be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court as the illegal immigrant battle takes shape.  Prepare to be thrashed with emotional arguments for the foreseeable future.
He bewails the Doomsday Clock for criticizing President Trump.
Every year a team of Nobel laureates resets the "Doomsday Clock."  You might guess, it has been advanced by thirty seconds, and we now stand just two and a half symbolic minutes to the end of the world.  And it's all the fault of one man.  Yes, Donald Trump's reckless rhetoric on the subjects of nuclear weapons and his troubling stance on climate change have pushed the world ever closer to impending doom.
The vast majority of scientists who tell us that climate change is happening are slurred as being bribed by the grand conspiracy of the federal government and the UN to get money from Americans and create a dictatorship.
Luckily, we don't have much regard for the bought and sold scientists who churn out studies to amaze and frighten we mere mortals.  Alas, the Himalayan glaciers should have melted long since.  New York and Los Angeles would be swimming with the fishes by now if they knew what they were stammering about. 
He ends the update expressing hope that Britain's withdrawal from the European Union will promt closer relations with Britain.
Thanks anyway, but we'll continue to watch the things the Bible tells us to watch for.  That is an economic and political alliance of ten nations we believe will emerge in Europe, and ally itself with a respected religious leader to wield economic power over the entire world.  Events now under way may lead in that direction, as the U. S. and UK look to forge a mutually beneficial relationship as Britain pulls out of the European Union.  During a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump invoked some words that mimicked one of God's promises to Abraham when he said, "A strong UK is a blessing to the entire world."  Imagine that.  Yes it has been, and hopefully will be. 
Big changes may be in the offing for Europe, and we'll be watching as important elections play out later this year.  In the meantime, the globalist climate change gurus can do whatever they see fit with their "Doomsday Clock."  Ours tells us, it's the Sabbath, the day God set apart and hallowed. 
Even though the presidency has changed his attitude has stayed exactly the same. That indicates that he will always be like this (unless he drastically changed his views).

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  1. I believe public opinion in the USA is against racism and xenophobia at this point in societal evolution. Some minority friends of mine expressed considerable apprehension about Donald Trump and his agenda just prior to the election. I told them that there were enough checks and balances in place that he would be severely limited in enacting the worst parts of his agenda. Now, we seem to be witnessing that, as federal judges and lawsuits are beginning to come into play. The American system has historically worked, even in spite of Richard Nixon, who tried to conduct an imperial presidency, and was elliminated.

    As for the ACOGs, some members seem to idolize Donald Trump, while others believe he is the mad man who will usher in the apocalypse. One cannot take either point of view too seriously as members are programmed to see the fulfillment of the Armstrong prophecy mold in their every imagination, except the very real threat of global climate change, a condition which for some unknown reason they seem to universally deny.