Friday, January 20, 2017

Mark Armstrong on Trump's Inauguration

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God. has released a weekly update discussing President Trump's inauguration.

Most COGs tend to lean to the right in regards to politics and his reaction to Trump's inauguration is yet further evidence of that tendency. I do not criticize them for that but it is important to note that they are like that since it explains so many of the political stances they choose to make.
If only my dear sweet Mom, Mrs. Shirley Armstrong, could have lived to see this day!  Our office staff had gathered around the live feed of this morning's inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, cheered many of the accurate and touching sentiments expressed, particularly the ones acknowledging God's Hand in the affairs of America and all mankind.  We sipped a toast of Thanksgiving on this historic day, poured from a cold bottle of Champagne that my Mom had been saving for a special occasion. ... I know this is a day Mom prayed for fervently, for the sake of her children, grandchildren and the generation yet unborn.
He complains that some have criticized Trump.
It is obvious that there are legions of angry critics and naysayers, sure as they can be that President Trump will over-step the Constitutional bounds of executive authority and behave as a dictatorial authoritarian, devoid of mercy or humanity.  The hatred, festooned with angry epithets, clogs the comments responding to every report and article referencing the incoming administration and anyone who dares support it.  Foul intentions and intentional insults are charged to the new President, his staff and reporters around the clock on many, if not most of the networks and outlets that have come to be considered “mainstream.”  It is obvious that they'll not be moved by any amount of reason or evidence to the contrary.  “He made racist, misogynistic, xenophobic remarks.  He's insulted Muslims, Mexicans and women...”

No doubt, every human being has made remarks they'd like to have back (present company excluded, right?).
He labels Trump's political opponents as anarchists and bizarre accuse them of trying to dissolve any distinctive American identity. (What a ridiculous accusation.)
The anarchists, haters of our Founders and Constitution may be having something of a nervous breakdown over the failure of their “movement” to complete their “open borders” dissolution of what appeared to be the last vestiges of an American identity.
He fantasize about such persons leaving the United States and handing over their American passports.
Some of us, in fact more than we dared hope, love and revere a nation that God ordained, and want to see it survive intact so that our children and their children have the chance to grow up as we did, in an environment of peace, security, law and order.  If that's a hateful concept to the socialists, anarchists and the anti-American faculty lounge set, then so be it.  Wouldn't it be nice if they'd just go someplace where their philosophy is already in practice and turn in their passports?!  But that might prove a little uncomfortable, for obvious reasons.
He vilifies those who oppose Trump.
We'll try not to enjoy the anger and frustration of mainstream anchors and their chosen analysts too much.  That's a spiritual downfall to avoid.  The vitriol coursing through channels of social media is more vicious and hateful than ever.
Even though so many scientists are warning us that the excess emission of carbon dioxide is inducing climate change Mark Armstrong choose to mock people who are concerned about this matter.
If you think the socialists, who thought they'd already succeeded in redefining the history and character of the United States are angry now, just wait a week or two.  A great outrage has already been committed, and that was the deletion of U. S. “global warming” fears and policies on the official White House website.  It disappeared at noon today.  What a tragedy!  Global warming is no longer the biggest threat to our national security?  What will we do?
And even when he is quite obviously happy that his preferred candidate won the presidency that he has to remind his followers to have no hope that various international problems can be resolved before Christ's return.
Certainly the dangers remain.  North Korea is reported to have installed long-range missiles on launch pads today.  Iran is a vile and dangerous enemy of America and Israel.  Russia has seized territory without warning, and has a president who may want to reconstitute much of the territory lost in the collapse of the Soviet Union.  China has grown militarily aggressive, and is pushing the envelope by threatening Taiwan and dredging up islands in the South China Sea to act as military bases. 
He bizarrely states that Muslims in Europe are somehow holding the entire continent hostage. Even in the moment of triumph he tries to sow feels of fear and resentment towards Muslims.
Europe is now hostage to a hostile Muslim population that has no interest in assimilation, and leadership in Germany and the European Union tells its people they're just going to have to adapt to the new situation.  That fact alone may yet cause the undoing of the EU and the rise of the “Beast” power of Bible prophecy.  But that's a chapter that remains unfulfilled for now.
He also exploits the tense situation in the Holy Land to lambaste the United Nations and the Pope.
The UN and the pope of Rome have taken it upon themselves to “declare” or “recognize” a so-called Palestinian state that does not exist.  They've not only conferred “recognition,” but declared the border to include the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount.  Those of you who've had the privilege of visiting the area know that's a complete impossibility, and no peace can ever be achieved under such circumstances so long as Israel remains a nation.  Even Jared Kushner couldn't make it work. 
He fails to explain that the 161 nation states which recognize the State of Israel only recognize its right to rule its 1949-67 borders. All the territory acquired in the Six Day War of 1967 is legally viewed by those nation states as territory occupied by the State of Israel, ruled by it but not really belonging to it. This includes East Jerusalem even though the State of Israel chose to annex it, an act which is unrecognized by the international community. It is for this reason that the embassies of many nations are located in Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem.

Furthermore the State of Palestine has gained diplomatic recognition from 136 nation states since the PLO's declaration of independence on November 15, 1988. According to those 136 nation states the State of Palestine exists and has even been given diplomatic recognition.

Armstrongism teaches that the world is doomed and that there is no hope that things will improve until Christ's return.
If the Bible is to be regarded, declaring “Peace and Safety” in the hate-fraught Middle East could well be the worst thing in the world, regardless of best intentions. 
He ends his weekly update with the following paragraph in which he describes a cataclysmic nuclear war that would destroy all human life without divine intervention is called "a wild ride" as though he were describing a ride in an amusement park.
There's no doubt, the whole world is in for a wild ride, ourselves included.  As for us, we will pray for the safety and success of the new president and his family, and for all those who love God and country.  Have a great and a joyous Sabbath.
And so Mark Armstrong has written up yet another weekly update filled with his usual ruminations and vitriol about people he does not seem to like very much.


  1. Unlike some other COGs, ICG takes the traditional apolitical, right-leaning approach. For PCG, the new president is a Jeroboam, and for CCOG, apocalyptic. (Be sure to get your free Kindle copy of Bob's latest book.)

  2. Mark seems to forget that there are many Republicans who have serious problems with Donald Trump, that he has made many embarrassingly unpresidential remarks, and that he will be on a huge learning curve regarding many aspects of the presidency.

    Also, for better or worse, President Obama was simply a man of his times. He didn't engineer the policies and events that anger right wing partisans, he acknowledged and responded, and many of his responses will not be able to be reversed, simply because of the directions in which the civilized world have evolved.

    Mark and Donald bear many striking similarities. It is no mystery that Mark would be toasting the new president with a special bottle of champaigne. Let's see how long that honeymoon lasts!


    1. And if Mark is an alcoholic, the champagne was a really bad idea.

      The Armstrongs have this history....

    2. for better or worse, President Obama was simply a man of his times

      Yes, indeed, President Obama was simply a man of his times: A charismatic liar.

      Contrasted with Donald Trump, he was much more nuanced. President Trump certainly appeals to the black and white morality of a three year old who cannot understand the implications of greater depth in multidimensional ethics. This certainly appeals to Armstrongists who have never progressed beyond the first stage ethics of three year olds who want pragmatic answers. Herbert Armstrong certainly appealed to that. Donald Trump certainly has similar appeal ("follow me, I will lead you into the kingdom" / "we'll build a wall....").

      Don't get your hopes up that it will be mostly white -- it looks like it will turn out quite black....

  3. Well, idealogues from the other side are going to be taking to the streets, just as in the Nixon era. I've said for many years that the "owners" of the country work with both political parties, and wouldn't allow someone to be elected if they couldn't control them. The control that the people who fund and foment leftist protestors actually have pales in significance against the power which international banking interests exert quietly and behind the scenes. There does seem to be a move against globalism, though. Anti-globalists came out of the woodwork to elect Trump. I assume that the international banking interests will be using the protestors to bring these anti-globalists back under control. It's going to get interesting.