Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PCG on Trump's Executive Order on Immigration

While there have been large protests regarding the recent executive order regarding immigration from certain Muslim majority countries PCG's response has been to bewail complains about it as hysterical and inflamed by a supposedly left wing media. (Hysterical Reaction to Immigration Order Further Divides Two Americas, January 30, 2017.)
On Friday, United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily restricting the immigration of refugees coming from seven Muslim countries known for exporting jihadists: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. And over the weekend, the radical left collectively lost its mind.
One wonders how many people who are opposed to Al Qaeda like extremism or has even suffered from their violence have been caught up in this executive order.

This controversy is used to vilify liberals but noticeably the article later admits that there were problems with the implementation of this executive order.
The overblown, hysterical backlash, the complete distortion by the media and the grandstanding by politicians and celebrities alike expose the deep divisions within America’s society. No wonder so many are concerned about a “Muslim ban” if this is what they’re confronted with on their TV news.... 
As that speaker admitted—this is not a Muslim ban. But to her, all that matters is that people feel that this is a Muslim ban. Mr. Trump’s team has certainly been guilty of blurring the truth with “alternative facts.” But the left is at it too. That logic goes down a very slippery slope. Why do some feel like this is a Muslim ban? Because the media is telling them it is!
Blaming the media this denies the personal agency of those who chose to oppose this executive order. Instead of allowing that those oppose to it are motivated by sincere motives they are dismissed and ridiculed as tools of a supposedly liberal media.

Those who oppose the executive order are slurred as comparing Trump to Hitler. And since most in PCG happen to lean to the right this implies that the media and the left in general view them that way as well.
[Describing an alleged double standard regarding Obama and Trump's policies regarding asylum seekers.] President Trump, on the other hand, is Adolf Hitler—and temporarily restricting immigration flow until the screening process can be improved is worse than Nazism. ...
Here America’s national security is at risk in a clear and direct way. Yet too many are more desperate to attack a president they despise than they are to keep America safe. That’s not to say that this ban is the right thing for America to do. But you can disagree with it without thinking Donald Trump is Hitler. ... 
When one side wants to seize any excuse make out that the other is basically Hitler, those are some pretty concerning divisions. 
This division in America is a real danger. By making President Donald Trump out to be like Hitler, the media is stirring up a lot of strong emotion. This emotion and this division will cause very real damage to America.
However even this PCG writer states that the executive order was implemented wrongly.
With that said, President Trump and his team are not innocent here. A lot of the chaos and confusion comes from mistakes in the way the order was carried out. Mistakes in its application and legal errors in the document itself caused major problems because of “incompetence of the highest order,” as Ben Shapiro put it. French wrote that the application of the law to green-card holders “is madness.” ...  
Those defending Mr. Trump’s order have been almost universally critical of the way it was carried out. The U.S. Border and Customs services appear to have been caught by surprise and are confused by what the order meant. In this divided climate, the U.S. administration could have done much more to ensure this went into force more smoothly.
Then one wonders why this article complains so much about those who had chose to oppose it considering that such problems occurred? Shouldn't this topic be the main theme of the article? Instead for the most part it retreats into promoting a sense of resentment against those who disagree.


  1. We should never allow people in from countries where we bombed the shit out of them. They just might want to extract a pound of flesh.

    Its not a ban on Muslims, but those who have a grudge (and rightfully so) for Americas bad behavior under the neocon scum that has been running the country for the last 16 years.

  2. And as one would expect, the focus of Mark Armstrong's weekly rant was predictable.