Sunday, January 1, 2017

PCG's Scare Mongering Against Jesuits (2012)

One particularly zany aspect of anti-Catholicism is Jesuit conspiracy theories. PCG has alluded to such things as well. This may be seen in the following article: Europe’s Precisely
 Engineered Disaster, January 2012.

Let's take a look.
To the layman, Europe is in the midst of cataclysmic change. Yet the longtime student of European affairs understands that this crisis was both premeditated and planned. 
Two principal actors are behind it, and these two will shape the Continent’s future. The first is Germany. This is already patently obvious to anyone watching events there. 
The second, believe it or not, is the Vatican.
The author denounces the European Union's leaders and regulators as an undemocratic technocracy.
That is the way of EU elites. So much for democracy—this is a technocracy. Its agenda is pursued not by elected representatives but by unelected technocrats based at its headquarters in Brussels-Berlin—administrators who were appointed to the mushrooming EU bureaucracy for a specific purpose: to ensure that the imperialist vision of Franco-German elites reaches fruition.
"Brussels-Berlin"? What a clumsy thing to say.

The author insists that the European Union is a creation of the Nazis.
In spite of appearances, the EU is no haywire invention destined for the scrap heap. It is a carefully crafted grand design decades in the making. It sprang from a vision shared by Nazi elites, key German industrialists, scientists, bureaucrats and military officers during the closing stages of World War II. That vision of a powerful Europe controlled by Germany continued quietly in Germany’s first postwar administration under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, which employed many people who held fast to the Nazi spirit. Those elites bided their time—and educated a second generation in the same imperialist strategic concept.
It is this generation of committed Roman Catholic imperialist socialists that has driven the revival of Germany to its present position as the dominant nation in Europe.
The author notes that Germany happens to be in the center of Western Europe but he ludicrously insists that Germany's transportation system stems from Charlemagne.
A detailed look at the highly developed transport and distribution system of the EU economic colossus reveals one nation at the hub: Germany! 
What is particularly intriguing is this: The vision of Germany controlling the transport and distribution system for the movement of goods throughout Europe goes way back to Charlemagne, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire! In the ninth century, he dreamed of building this infrastructure as a means to dominate a united European empire—but he failed to fully realize it.
Now that the author has vilified Germany he now seeks to vilify the Papacy as being a part of this conspiracy to create a European superpower fated to conquer the United States. He scare mongers that "Jesuit-trained" individuals have risen to power in Italy and the European Union government which alludes to Jesuit conspiracy theories.
Rome has not had a high profile in the development of the European Union. That changed last November, however, when two Romans were appointed to key positions within the EU. Romano Draghi—Jesuit-trained, committed Roman Catholic and governor of Italy’s central bank—was appointed president of the European Central Bank, the world’s largest central bank, on November 1. Barely two weeks later, Jesuit-educated Mario Monti, a member of Italy’s elite economic technocracy, received a mandate from President Georgio Napolitano to form a government until scheduled elections in 2013. He is to oversee the highly sensitive restructuring of the hugely indebted Italian economy. Soon after Monti’s appointment, the pope publicly gave his blessing to it.
Add to these two the EU’s most influential president, Herman van Rompuy—also Jesuit-trained—and you have a most influential unelected threesome of elite technocrats now guiding affairs at the top through Europe’s present crisis.
The author confidently boasts that he and his organization has long awaited and anticipated such moves by Germany and the Papacy.
We at the Trumpet have long watched and waited to see how the Romish influence would overlay the rising economic, political and eventual military might of a German-dominated European Union.
"Romish"? How archaic.
Of course, the influence of Rome was there even within the minds of the EU’s founding fathers, since its earliest beginnings. From the federalist manifesto of Austrian Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who cherished the prospect of reviving Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire, to the foundational work of Italian Alcide De Gasperi, Frenchmen Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, and Belgian Paul-Henri Spaak—consummating in the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1951, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, followed by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 that founded the European Economic Community—the spirit of “holy” Rome has always guided the minds and actions of its founders.
Earlier in the article the author viciously demonized the European Union as being inspired by Nazis now he cites this Austrian individual, Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, as helping to create the European Union. What shallow sophistry.

The author insists that the appointment of three supposedly "Jesuit-trained" individuals to various positions reveals the Papacy's supposedly vital role in creating a European superpower fated to conquer the United States.
Yet, the reality is that Rome’s influence on the EU has been largely hidden and unseen—that is, until Van Rompuy, Draghi and Monti suddenly entered the scene, the latter with open papal endorsement. Now, Rome’s men preside over the EU, head the most powerful bank in the world, and lead interim governments in Italy, not to mention Greece.
The author intones that these three individuals will enact policies which will have the effect of "virtually enslaving the bottom-tier nations within the EU to the diktat of Berlin/Brussels".
As we watch interim governance by technocracy successively take over national economies, virtually enslaving the bottom-tier nations within the EU to the diktat of Berlin/Brussels, we see key Roman Catholic operatives precisely inserted into positions of incredible power. Thus Rome emerges as a powerful force within both the nation of which it is capital, and the main central bank to which the whole world currently looks to solve the euro crisis, and indeed over the whole European imperial project.
What poppycock. How unfortunate it is that some are convinced by talk like this and think the authors of drivel like this can somehow see the future. That is untrue. They are but false prophets.


  1. Red fox wrote: "What poppycock. How unfortunate it is that some are convinced by talk like this and think the authors of drivel like this can somehow see the future. That is untrue. They are but false prophets."

    Well of course they are. Being a false prophet is now a industry within armstrongism. Your product is bullshit, sold to the brain dead among us. No guarantee's expressed or implied. All prophecies are for entertainment purposes only.

  2. Redfox, thanks for the in-depth research.

    It's freaking unbelievable how mental the 1% lads at the PCG really were in 2012 and, here, 4 years later, they have had all that time to improve and they wasted it. One would think that after being proved wrong so many times that they would make 'adjustments' to their insane spewing, but, no, they just keep on with the mental diarrhea for which there don't seem to be any home remedies within handy reach for them.

    First of all, being Jesuit-trained is not the same as being a Jesuit. Secondly, they admitted that the Roman Catholics really haven't had that much influence... and should have stuck with that instead of pulling something out of thin air, or perhaps more accurately, from some place on their bodies the sun don't shine.

    Rome emerges as a powerful force? At the time in 2012, the current Pope hadn't stepped down yet and Pope Francis (who we would point out was the very first Jesuit to be Pope, ever) hadn't been appointed. That happened March 13, 2013. If they really knew what was coming in the PCG, they would have realized that this new Pope absolutely has NO agenda to become the False Prophet directing the Beast Power. Oh, no, instead he is championing the cause of the poor and oppressed and is anything but narcissistic and power hungry.

    But how could the PCG know? They believed that no one can understand what the Bible says without British Israelism because of their Herbololatry, based on the science fiction writings of G. G. Rupert. No, the PCG just hasn't gotten the message yet that British Israelism is actually science fiction, no less than the Scientology of L. Ron Hubbard basing Dianetics on recycled science fiction.

    Their confusion of science fiction with prophecy has led them to this insanity. They are daft kooks, just like Donna Kossy said.

  3. On several of the blogs, right about the time this article is dated, a few people personally engaged me, asking if maybe I wasn't a little concerned about what was going on in Europe, with the new leadership role Germany and the Catholic Church were taking. I remember thinking to myself at the time that these people couldn't be reading the same news reports as what I was seeing, and I wondered where such questions were suddenly coming from. Now I know. They were probably from people who had read this article. It is written in an authoritative style, and as all Armstrong prophecy-related materials have historically been, it is blatant flame-fanning of their favorite "hook".

    And, as if we needed further reminding (and some do), this is certainly one of the main reasons why there are so many who seem to choose to remain in Armstrongism, despite all of the good and true counterinformation that is presented. They get this and very similar material as part of their regular diet, and it has a tremendous reinforcement effect on a decision they made perhaps many years ago. I'm sure that there are even some who get to know and like some of us regular posters through our writings and would sincerely like us to see our "error" before it's too late.

    But, Armstrongism has always "proof-texted" the news, just as it proof-texts from the Bible, history, archaeology, the weather, epidemiology, or anything else which can lend authority to the bogus prognostications that have been the basis for their hook. It's the adult version of manipulating little children by frightening them with the boogie man. Sad, really.


  4. The Eu has nothing to fear from the Catholic church since most of them reject religion. Its the post Christian era.

    However, the immigrant issue is a threat. When you change the culture, the nation dies with the outgoing culture and the new incoming culture. But you can thank the likes of Hillary for bombing the shit out of the middle east and creating a VAST HATRED FOR ANYTHING WESTERN.

  5. It's been less than 4 decades and we've already forgotten Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

    One of his best-remembered presentations came in February 1953, when he forcefully denounced the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin. Sheen gave a dramatic reading of the burial scene from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, substituting the names of prominent Soviet leaders Stalin, Lavrenty Beria, Georgy Malenkov, and Andrey Vyshinsky for the original Caesar, Cassius, Marc Antony, and Brutus. He concluded by saying, "Stalin must one day meet his judgment." The dictator suffered a stroke a few days later and died within a week.

    Maybe there's something to this Jesuit thing.

    1. Yeah, life is kind of like 1984. Somehow, there must always be a specific enemy to personify the opposition so you can have your morning "hate". Armstrongism set up several strawman enemies, but none were second to the Catholic Church. They followed Hislop's lead in this, and PCG continues it into the next generation.

      Mark Armstrong seems to have shifted gears in the direction of Arabic Muslims. They've all got their boogey men, don't they?