Friday, January 27, 2017

PCG Minister Alleged to Have Kicked Out 16 Year Old Daughter from Home

Exit and Support Network has published a very disturbing letter that one PCG minister had kicked out his sixteen year old daughter out of the home for dating a non-PCG member. (See January 25 letter.) Banned by HWA has also mentioned this allegation. PCG is infamous for its no contact policy which discourages PCG members from associating with ex-members and the members of the other COG groups who are vilified as "Laodiceans." It is saddening to think that another innocent person has suffered because of this attitude.

This particular individual had written several articles for PCG's websites.

In March-April 2002 he wrote an article bemoaning the supposedly negative effects of watching too much television.

In May 2006 he wrote an article scare mongering about the supposed power supposedly due to be wielded by the future European beast power that Armstrongites have constantly been predicting will soon conquer the United States since the 1930s.

On December 31, 2010 he wrote an article bemoaning that so many families in Washington, D.C., did not match PCG's ideal of a two parent household.

On June 17, 2011 he wrote an article bemoaning the low standards of politicians.

On November 7, 2012 he posted an article discussing the severity of Hurricane Sandy. It was also printed as a commentary in the January 2013 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet.

On January 8, 2013 he posted an article discussing the Sandy Hook massacre. The Exit and Support Network letter alludes to this article.
Ironically, one of his current articles on there is about the Sandy Hook tragedy and how to protect your children.
On January 24, 2013 he posted an article bemoaning alleged "father-free zones" with the numerical rise of children being raised without a father in the household.

How chilling it is to imagine the man who writes these articles should have this cloud of suspicion over him. It is well known that PCG has unsavory authoritarian tendencies. It seems that this authoritarian attitude has once again caused misery for one unfortunate woman.


  1. It's clear the best way to protect your children is to keep them out of the PCG. In fact, it would be a wise idea to keep them out of all the sects of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia (CoHAM).

    It is my understanding that this teen girl ditched by her family did find refuge with Child Protective Services and is now in foster care.

    Let's be thankful that entropy is continuing to eat away at the CoHAM, dissolving them slowly over time.

    Mark Saranga needs to spend time in jail and afterward needs to pay for his daughter's support.

    The only downside is that it just isn't fast enough for my tastes.


  2. There actually are such things as incorrigible teenagers, although healthcare professionals suspend labeling minors as sociopaths or psychopaths until they reach adulthood.

    Usually when child protective services must intervene, there are some intrusive implications that come into play in a parent's life. A social worker is assigned (they are stretched thin and overworked), interviews are conducted, and the parent is placed on some sort of supervised program in which requirements are set. A breakdown in parenting skills has taken place, and classes are often required. It's not a pretty picture. In many states, parents are simply not allowed to get rid of their children, and if they insist, there is both financial obligation, and legal responsibility for any criminal acts by the child.

    The very fact that this daughter is "in the system" indicates that Mark either is now, or soon will be under scrutiny and supervision. Depending on what the daughter has shared in her intake interviews, there will also be implications for any children remaining in the Saranga household. These are impressions based on observations in the states in which I have lived. Things could be different in Oklahoma.


    1. My direct experience is that social workers are overworked and underpaid. One man I knew with a Master's Degree in his profession made little more than minimum wage and he worked for the State of Washington.

      In this particular case I have very great doubts that this teen was incorrigible. It's more like she was psychologically abused.

      Watching Leah Remini in the Scientology documentary at A&E, I have concluded that the lessons learned there are applicable to Armstrongism. One of the painful features of Scientology is when a family member leaves, they are disconnected from the cult and the families have a 'no contact rule' to the same extreme as Flurry's group does. Teens who have left may never see their parents again. Furthermore, sometimes they don't just leave, they are put out... BUT not usually before they are whisked off to a concentration camp for reindoctrination.

      Let us hope that the PCG never gets enough power and influence to create their own retraining camps. That would be Draconian.

      Maybe it might be better to just be kicked out considering the possible future alternative.

      Not too worried though, entropy has done an excellent job gutting the PCG and the rest of the CoHAM.

  3. Right. Most of the kids labeled as being incorrigible by an ACOG were by normal standards pretty good kids. The parents? Not so much.

    The problem is that in an ACOG, the goal of a parent is to break their childrens' spirit or will. If this cannot be accomplished, the child is said to be incorrigible. They become expendable, and an example of what is possible in ACOG parenting for the younger siblings. You can almost hear PCG parents talking with their children: "Do you want to end up like Alicia Saranga? Actually she's quite fortunate to be in foster care! You may not be so lucky! You'd probably end up as a teenage prostitute, maybe for lesbians, and perhaps even on drugs!" Lest we forget, parents in the old WCG used to tell their children things that were very similar to that. In my house, we were threatened with Viet Nam!


  4. You know, I was just thinking. Children, family? That has historically been one of the major problem areas of Armstrongism. Bigtime blinders. It would not be unusual in the least for Mark Saranga to be thinking that some day, when she "comes to her senses" his daughter will lovingly thank him for having had the wisdom to do this. That is the arrogance of it all.


  5. This just yet another example of how extreme and bizarre Armstrongism has been from the very beginning.

    Except for the extreme harm they do, there is no real reason to pay one bit of attention to them.

    For the most part, humanity is irrational and chaotic, but the CoHAM takes it to new excesses, since the very beginning....

  6. Hopefully, the young lady got out of that environment early on enough so that she doesn't have to suffer through a lifetime of PTSD.