Sunday, January 15, 2017

PCG's Brad MacDonald Moans About Minorities and Protesters

In a previous post it was mentioned that Brad MacDonald made a remarkably bitter broadcast on PCG's Trumpet Daily radio broadcast (January 3, 2016). Let's take a closer look.

He mentions that there have been a problem in some places of teenage mobs getting out of hand in some shopping malls. He complains about this and then choose to focus his ire on teenagers, particularly those who happen to be minorities and/or African Americans.
But these warring or these unstable teenagers are just another outward sign of America's lawless, abusive, out of control young people. We've seen this evident in the rise of the flash mobs a year or two ago. We've seen this evident in the gangs of teenagers roaming some of America's streets just randomly beating people in the streets. 
Now it's a fact that most of these teenagers are minorities. It's a fact that a huge number of America's out of control teenagers, out of control youth are inner-city blacks. (11-12 minutes.)
He then cites a newspaper article to blame the Obama Administration for exacerbating this problem.
[The reporter] makes the point that America's out of control youth, especially America's out of control minority youths, really are a function of the White House over the past eight years. (12 minutes.)
He then complains about the Obama Administration, the Justice Department and the Education Department have tried to reduce the disproportionate rate of disciplining African Americans in schools.
President Obama's policies have dramatically increased youth rebellion. They've dramatically increased teenage lawlessness. His policies have fundamentally transformed teenage culture, especially, especially in the minority communities. (20 minutes.)
How pathetic it is that he should use his position to slur minorities and African Americans in such a way. What effect will statements like this have among PCG members who are predominantly white? Also there are African Americans who are members of PCG. What must go through their minds hearing their young people being singled out in such a way?

After this he complains about an "entitlement culture" which he accuse the Obama Administration of promoting.
But there's no doubt that millions are taking advantage of the benefit system. There's no doubt that America could save a lot of money by addressing some of the exploitation taking place. (29 minutes.)
He also scare mongers about the federal debt.
Consider the national debt as well. This is another massive problem that Donald Trump will inherit. And that doesn't have an easy solution. [He complains that the federal debt was $10.6 trillion in January 2009 and is now $19.7 trillion.] ... President Obama has added nine trillion, nine trillion to America's debt. By far more than any other president, (30-31 minutes.) 
This claim is quite misleading because it fails to account for inflation and economic growth. Once one compares the federal debt with GDP growth it will be seen that in fact the United States was more indebted per capita back in the 1940s because of World War II.

Furthermore about half of the federal debt is owed to Americans. Also the US debt is a sovereign debt that no one can force the United States government to default. The debt is denominated in US dollars and the US government is the source of the currency. So no one can force the US government to default on the federal.

The federal debt is simply not as much of a problem as MacDonald implies.

He then scare mongers about homosexuals, a community often viewed as an easy target within the COGs.
Consider the empowerment that has occurred over the past eight years of special interest groups. The LGBT community. President Obama has invited these groups into the White House. He's created all sorts of councils and working groups to improve conditions. He's created all sorts of laws and policies and regulations defending these groups. He's created an expectancy. Many of these groups. All of these groups. They expect to be protected and defended. And these are powerful groups. And they won't react positively to being cut back. To being confronted. (32-33 minutes.)
He then scare mongers about Black Lives Matter protesters and makes the inflammatory accusation that these protesters want "to create violence". Instead of talking about the problem of police brutality he makes his followers fearful and afraid of politically active African Americans.
Think about the Black Lives Matter movement. Barack Obama has empowered this movement. This is a dangerous movement. This is a movement that wants to create violence in America. This is a movement that wants to undermine America's government, undermine America's systems. (33-34 minutes.)
This inflammatory accusation refuses to deal with the problem of police brutality and racial discrimination which have caused many African Americans to try and resolve these pressing issues through protests and political activism.

He scare mongers that Trump's attempts to change things will lead to more trouble in the short term future.
There's a culture of grievance compensation that has been cultivated over these past eight years. People who feel victimized expect, they demand, compensation. For eight years they've been told that this is what they deserve. Can that be taken away without making some of these people very, very upset? (35-36 minutes.) 
He then accuse President Obama of promoting a culture of lawlessness.
Consider the culture of lawlessness that we've seen develop over the past eight years. Again Mr. Obama is not the source of lawlessness. He's not the originator of lawlessness. He's not the first person to show, you know, a lesser regard for the rule of law. 
But he has been America's president for eight years and in that capacity he has made lawlessness mainstream. Mr. Obama has undermined and destroyed the respect for the rule of law. He's flouted America's Constitution repeatedly. He's made it OK to not uphold laws or to circumvent the laws. Eight years on it is today more culturally accepted to reject a law, to reject a policy if you don't agree with it. Culturally there is a lot less respect today for the law and for the rule of law. People are just less concerned, they are less concerned today about lawlessness. (36-37 minutes.)
He criticizes the hope that many right wing Americans have for the upcoming Trump Administration. PCG teaches that the United States is fated to be conquered by a German led European superpower. This message is taught regardless of whether the president is Democratic or Republican.

PCG's audience tends to lean to the right so most of PCG's audience would be inclined to view Trump's victory positively. Perhaps some of them might think that there will be no catastrophe with a new Republican president. MacDonald seems to want to get rid of this glimmer of hope from his audience by insisting that this catastrophe is still fated to occur.
As I said at the beginning there are so many people, so many people, so many Americans, especially conservatives who are just charged up and amped for Mr. Trump to become president. They really believe that he's going to turn things around for the United States. But in fact the solutions to America's problems are bigger than one man. The solutions to America's problems are much, much bigger than that. (46 minutes.)
He then insists that Gerald Flurry's 2013 booklet, America Under Attack, which ridiculously labelled President Obama as "another Antiochus," is still not redundant even though President Obama will soon be leaving office to be replaced by Trump.
If you havn't requested and studied our book, America Under Attack, now is the time to do it. Now is the time to do it. That book is not redundant now that Mr. Obama is leaving the White House. It's not redundant. In fact it will probably become more important with time and it will certainly be vindicated more and more as time goes on and proved true. (52-53 minutes.)
In other words even though a Republican will soon be placed in the presidency MacDonald still wants his followers to be fearful and afraid of leftists and to still view Gerald Flurry's 2013 booklet as fully relevant despite a Republican president taking office.

This diatribe against the hope of many right wing Americans that things will improve under Trump shows the unhelpfully negative attitude towards attempts to manage society within PCG's 1%. So many people are trying to make America more in line with their ideals and PCG's 1% chooses to insist that such efforts cannot solve America's pressing problems. PCG offers no hope for a better future until after a cataclysmic World War III when we need solutions today, not in the future.

Some wonder why do PCG's members continue to stay in PCG despite the many problems within it. Part of the reason for this is because PCG's followers are taught to be afraid and fearful of so many that they have a harder time noticing the problems among themselves. Why be fearful of sending in three tithes to PCG when they are taught to be afraid of so many other people who are supposedly out to "get them" somehow?


  1. From over at Banned! a commenter posted:

    "Gerald Flurry has commanded a mandatory Fast starting at sunset last night. He's in a mad panic because membership is down terribly and they're in bad shape financially. Edstone is a money pit and costing them a fortune, bringing in zero revenue. They can't even afford a backup generator when the power frequently goes out.
    The Irish dancing expenses is out of control! The fees to attend the different Feis around the country, the costumes and expensive wigs. There's even rumors of possibly selling the Auditorium.
    The recent Ruth play didn't bring in the funds they thought it would, seems these clowns have no idea what they're doing."

    We hope it's true.

    It would seem that Brad MacDonald has a lot more to worry about than minorities and protesters.

    Perhaps he should be very worried about the profligate spending of his very own cult leadership.

    And here's hoping that the peasants come storming the castles with pitchforks and torches out there in Oklahoma.

    And just to make things a bit worse, you never know when the next big tornado is going to hit out their in the land of tornadoes. Worse come to worse, there might not be an auditorium to sell, not that anyone anywhere would buy it (not for the debt that's still on it, or have they paid it off?).

    Hmmm. Perhaps some of who are CPAs could offer a course in cult accounting.

  2. One of the main problems that goes unrecognized in these groups is that if you take all of your "facts" from one side, you're always going to be at least 50% wrong.

    Certainly, subtlety is not one of their strong points, either. Any reasonable person listening to such a barage is going to write this program off as being unbalanced at best, and flagrantly racist at worst. And that is, of course, unless the listener is racist, and then his takeaway will be a whole new set of material.