Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PCG: Millennium to Arrive "Sooner Than You Think"

Robert Morley recently hosted an episode of The Trumpet Daily (January 12, 2017). He talked about topics discussed in Trump's recent press conference including the proposed wall at the border with Mexico and possible protectionist policies.

Near the end Morley insists that the only real solution is for the entire world to be united in a government of (PCG's) God after Christ's return. All attempts to manage such problems before then are doomed to failure due to the "tough times" of the Great Tribulation and America being conquered by Europeans. PCG and the other COG groups have constantly insisted that this catastrophe will soon occur.
The solution is a totally, complete, different, opposite of the spectrum thing from walls and barriers. Believe it or not, and you don't hear this too much on the Trumpet, but the solution is one world government. Now we're not talking about the one world government that most people think is coming, you know, with the Bilderbergers or some conspiracy theory. But the government of [PCG's] God. Ultimately that is what is going to take to solve these things. A government of [PCG's] God. A government working for all people on this earth and this government is coming sooner than you think. And that really is a good thing. And that really is something that all peoples of the world can look forward to. That's coming sooner than most of us can think. And you, we can all be very, very thankful for that. But first some tough times before we get there. (49 minutes.)
PCG has made many outlandish predictions over the years. Many of these predictions have miserably failed. There is no need to fear their dire proclamations of a future catastrophe. There is no reason to think that they know the future. They do not.

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  1. Where has he been?

    The millennium began in 2001. That was the beginning of a new thousand years.

    Armstrongists had their chance: Herbert Armstrong wrote 1975 in the 1950s. He expected to see the third coming of Christ. He died. 1975 and no Jesus. You would think that they would have gotten the idea that they were totally wrong by the year 2000 when society didn't crash as they predicted.

    So they are waaaaaay behind. The old millennium has gone and the new one is here already.

    And all they have is empty promises.

    That... and an auditorium they can't afford.

    To much Irish something, I guess.