Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mark Armstrong Complains of Liberals and Muslim Immigrants Again

Intercontinental Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, has released another weekly update (February 10, 2017). Let's take a look.

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans are unable to afford health insurance. But Mark Armstrong decides to ridicule the Affordable Care Act and presents it in a sensationalist manner as funding elective surgeries he views as somehow wrong.
It was also prior to the time that the State required us to pay for "health insurance" policies that include sex change operations, abortions and a host of services inapplicable to pretty much everybody with any traditional belief system considered religious. As every American knows, it is a mandate, required of every citizen. As for the hordes of foreigners thrust into our midst, they needn't worry too much about the government's mandate. They're all on the receiving end of it anyway. But, as all we American citizens know, the fine, or is it a tax, extracted from those of us who refuse to participate, also pays for all manner of elective nonsense, including various psychological therapies so much in demand post-election.
He then indulges in some Islamophobia and presents immigrants who happen to be Muslim as plotting to impose their own laws upon American society, a largely nonsensical stereotype often used in Islamophobic polemics.
Now, according to some of the lawsuits raining down on the new administration from organizations funded by George Soros, "religious liberty" now means that people wanting to enter the country, even from nations that have transformed into sprawling terrorist training centers, have a Constitutional "right" to come into the United States at the expense of citizens who've been robbed of their own rights and liberties by the government. It doesn't matter if their form of religion demands our transformation to the tenets of Islam, or the necessity that they give their lives to wipe out as many infidels as possible. It doesn't even matter if they hold Sharia (Muslim religious law) to be a higher authority than the Constitution that has been convoluted by activist judges to force them upon us. 
Holding Sharia dear means they may very well practice brutal female mutilation and believe fervently in their right to carry out "honor killings." Some of the most western-oriented, civilized Muslims living in the west do, in fact, hold open the possibility of "honor killing" for any female that "dishonors" the family. And it doesn't take much, by American standards, for that possibility to be triggered. If, for example, a girl or woman dares go out of the home escorted by someone other than a mother, father or brother, that could do it. If she's escorted by a male, not from her own family, or seen to be flirtatious in public, chances are she's as good as dead.
He then slurs Muslims in general as somehow being inclined to commit murder against female family members.
A recent documentary showing the relatively mild circumstances under which Muslim men serve time in Israeli prisons, pointed out that the majority were incarcerated for having carried out honor killings, whether on a sister or daughter. There's literally no cultural shame attached to such an act. In fact, it is respected by other family members and the community at large. The way they look at it, the girl had it coming and the family had no choice. 
Actually most of those "Muslim men" he mentions as being held in Israeli prisons are Palestinians. Many Palestinians are Christians. But he chooses to ignore such details to vilify Muslim men in general.

Mark Armstrong hysterically insist that liberals and Muslim immigrants (inaccurately stereotyped as extremists) are engaged in a plot to demographically overwhelm Americans like himself. What ridiculous, xenophobic nonsense this is.
Incredibly, U. S. policy over recent years has not only given them the "right" to stay in the United States at the expense of others who work for a living, but to bring in their extended families. Once the brothers, sisters and cousins are in the United States, they can begin bringing in their extended families. Domestic policies are actually assisting them in their goal to eventually overwhelm the indigenous population. One look at the fearful, crime-ridden situation in Europe will show you exactly where this is headed.
Actually Native Americans are the indigenous population of the United States.

Also American Muslims only compose 0.9% of the population. To imply that they could become the demographic majority is terribly inaccurate. How strange it is to say a community of 0.9%

He condemns the federal judge who stopped President Trump's recent executive order concerning people from seven Muslim majority countries. He also implies that refugees are not refugees and also condemn Black Lives Matter protesters.
Oddly enough, the liberal judge from Seattle who issued the emergency stay on immigration orders banning travelers from terrorist regions is himself involved in "refugee resettlement," and spouts bogus Black Lives Matter rhetoric in his court. How is it that Federal judges with all the reasoning ability of a protest mob, have the unilateral power to imperil the nation's security? 
He hysterically insists that he and his followers have been stripped of their religious liberty and lost it to Muslim immigrants (inaccurately stereotyped as extremists). Such talk leads to resent against a numerically small minority community that is only composed of about 0.9% of the population.
President Trump has promised that religious liberty, of the variety guaranteed Constitutionally, will be restored to the American citizenry. Presumably, we won't have to pay for elective surgeries for the mentally deranged at some point in the future. For now, however, we do. 
But our "religious liberty" has been, at least for the time being, transferred to those who would see us all convert to Islam or die. The unelected judges of the Ninth Circuit Court have spoken. We were told we'd be winning so often we'd tire of it. But Americans aren't winning. The election is over, the transition has taken place, and the nation is still hostage to unjust judges determined to force their own version of righteousness, along with untold thousands of hateful practitioners of a heathen religion, upon us all. 
And so we see that Mark Armstrong continues to condemn liberals and Muslim immigrants to his followers. Even implying that a community of 0.9% of the population is somehow plotting to become the majority population.


  1. So if we join Mark Armstrong's church, does this mean that he will take care of everything if we have medical needs?

    Or is he saying that those of us who have medical needs should just DIE!

    He should be a government advisor on the death squads....

  2. Mark is watching the American system of checks and balances, due process, and freedom of religion at work, and is frustrated because Donald Trump's election is being prevented from driving our nation hard right.

    Mark seems to be fairly effective at the art of advancing straw man arguments. If one were to take his writing at face value (which I am certain that some do), one would believe that every Muslim is philosophically aligned with Osama Bin Laden, that the health care industry is dominated by pro-abortion and LGBT agendas, and that black people are already being treated fairly and equitably by law enforcement, the judiciary, and the penal system. And that 's just from this particular rant. For him, Greenland and glaciers are not melting.

    But alas. The funniest aspect to this is that most ultra-rightists prefer to get their disinformation from Rush Limbaugh. Mark is just an echo, hardly an original.


    1. One wonders if Mark resonates with Harry S. Dent, Jr.

      Just like Herbert Armstrong's prophetic failures, Mark could become a world class economist -- clear, neat, logical and wrong -- and wonder, "Gee, what happened, I was so sure...."