Sunday, February 26, 2017

PCG's Praise for Far Right Politician, Geert Wilders

For a long time PCG's leaders have insisted that there will be a shift to the far right in Europe. It is insinuated that this rightward shift will prompt the transformation of Europe into a military power fated to conquer the United States. With the current instability in Europe this theme has been reused again by PCG's leaders.

In one recent article (Kieran Underwood, "Geert Wilders Predicts a ‘Patriotic Spring’ for Europe," February 19, 2017,) the right wing, anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders, is mentioned. PCG happens to lean to the right so they tend to be sympathetic towards Wilders as is clearly evident in this article.
Dutch politician Geert Wilders, hair slicked back and rhetoric at the ready, has said the coming March 15 election in the Netherlands is the start of a “patriotic spring” across Europe. After the Dutch elections, in which Wilders’s Party for Freedom (PVV) is predicted to pick up the largest number of seats, the French will vote in May, the Germans in September, and the Italians whenever they get around to it.
He is presented as  being increasingly popular.
Wilders has risen in popularity over the past decade. In 2008, his anti-Islam Fitna video put him on the international stage, and the subsequent death threats and assassination attempts failed to cage him.
It is very unfortunate that some chose to make death threats and attempt to assassinate him. That is wrong. That is deplorable.

Underwood sympathetically describes the far right audience that Wilders appeals to as "outsiders."
Previously Europe’s modus operandi has been to brand the outsiders as “racists,” or even better still, “fascists.” When that approach loses its sting, it’s time to bridge the ideological gap. As Germany’s Edmund Stoiber would say, you can’t let another party address the concerns of your conservative citizens.
He speculates that Wilders will get the most votes of any party but will still not be able to gain power.
If Wilders wins the greatest number of votes—and doesn’t receive the equivalent power—you can imagine the outrage. This seems the most likely outcome—Wilders gets the most votes, is excluded from power, and therefore sees his popularity soar even higher.
He openly states the sympathy that the PCG leadership have for him.
There’s much to like in Wilders’s determined stance against radical Islam. But he is part of a wave across Europe that contains many more extreme parties.
So often PCG presents itself as above the fray and above politics. But they actually lean far to the right so they view Wilders as like being like themselves. His denunciations of Islam is viewed by them as praiseworthy even though he happens to be Catholic.

PCG tends to portray Catholicism in a very bad light. PCG teaches that the final Pope will be a sinister miracle worker who will turn the European nation states into a military power fated to conquer the United States. Since they believe that the Europeans will conquer the United States and not the Muslim world shouldn't one expect PCG to be more worried about Europe than Muslim immigrants?

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