Monday, February 27, 2017

PCG Condemns "Pro-Muslim Demonstrators" in New York

PCG reveals their narrow parochialism once again with an article condemning protests in New York against the executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim majority countries which was later overturned in court. (Sam Livingston, New York City Rings With Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’, February 21, 2017.)

PCG has a long history of scare mongering against Muslims. This article continues that tendency of theirs.
An Arabic prayer call just miles from the site of America’s worst terrorist attack.
It is called freedom of religion. Muslims are allowed to practice their religion in the United States like any other religion. They presently compose about 0.9% of the population.

Furthermore about twenty-eight of those who died in 9/11 were Muslims. It is wrong to blame 9/11 on Muslims in general. Rather it was a criminal conspiracy by Al Qaeda personnel who were willing to kill innocent people to gain power including Muslims.
Pro-Muslim demonstrators marched in the streets of New York City over the weekend to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban on people coming from jihadist-funneling nations in the Middle East. Hundreds of people attended the Manhattan rally, which included a public prayer to Allah.
"Pro-Muslim demonstrators"? What a strange turn of phrase. It is as though he never conceived of people choosing not to bear the hostility and suspicion against Muslims that seems to be so common within PCG.

Also most jihadist movements like Al Qaeda and ISIL are not in power and consequently conspire clandestinely to seize power. To demonize entire nations as "jihadist-funneling nations" slurs the innocent with the guilty and is morally wrong.
The prayer opened with shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase typically shouted by Islamist terrorists before carrying out an attack. For 30 seconds, the downtown area of New York City—a metropolis considered to be a quintessentially American city—echoed with sounds one would expect to hear in Baghdad or Tehran.
It is shocking ignorance to claim that "Allahu akbar" is just a terrorist cry. What profound ignorance. Actually it is a phrase that is often used in everyday conversation.
For years, America has been fed the mantra by the liberal left that diversity makes us stronger. Sunday’s protest in New York was a product of that thinking. This was a Muslim rally with an American flag as the stage backdrop, a call to prayer in Arabic, and to top it off, the singing of the United States’ national anthem.
Even when Muslims sing the nation anthem as far as PCG's writers are condemned they are still menacing outsiders.

Livingston then appears to suggest that these religious prayers are an attempt to commemorate 9/11. The best that can be said about this section is that he is terribly vague here so he has, intentionally or not, given himself plausible deniability if anyone should try to hold him accountable.
In 2010, there was a highly controversial plan to build a mosque just two blocks from the site of Ground Zero, the site where Islamist jihadists murdered 2,753 people and where zero Muslims live. At the time, moderate Muslim Abdul Rahman al-Rashid wrote, “Some Muslims will consider that building a mosque on this site immortalizes and commemorates what was done by the terrorists who committed their crime in the name of Islam.” 
One doesn’t have to wonder too deeply how Sunday’s public appeal to Allah, just a few miles from that same site, will be perceived by many in the Muslim world.
He then implies that people of different cultures living together somehow weakens society. Note how he insists that he is merely relating (PCG's) God's position. What a way to evade responsibility. This is the author's opinion as well.
America, Britain and much of the West remain sold on the idea that blending cultures strengthens their nations and erases differences that divide countries. The God of the Bible, however, says this is a debilitating mistake. In Deuteronomy 7:16, God warned the ancient Israelites not to serve the gods of the surrounding nations, “for that will be a snare unto thee.”
What does Livingston want? For Muslims to be shunted into ghettos like Jews in medieval Europe? Does he imagine that if white Americans were to remove ethnic minorities from among themselves the nation would be stronger? That is a recipe for disaster. It is also illegal.

He then insists that multiculturalism is terribly dangerous.
America and Britain have a dangerous infatuation with multiculturalism that blinds them to some very serious dangers. But ultimately, God is more upset with the people of America and Britain for turning their backs on Him.
You know what's really dangerous? Trying to separate people using ill founded fears and paranoia.

What strange xenophobia is presented in this article. Yet more of the continuous and monotonous Islamophobia that PCG's authors so often use for their writings.

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