Sunday, February 5, 2017

PCG's Gerald Flurry Labels Trump as Modern Jeroboam

In 2013 Gerald Flurry proclaimed President Obama to be "another Antiochus." He has done this again with Trump labeling him as a modern day Jeroboam. He did this in his November 23, 2016 co-worker letter. Gerald Flurry named the Trump era as the "Jeroboam end." In promoting this new doctrine of his he has made a Key of David broadcast entitled "Who Is the Modern-Day Jeroboam?" (February 3, 2017.) Let us take a look at the transcript of this broadcast.

Flurry fearfully intones that there will be a modern-day Jeroboam. This alludes to Jeroboam who led the ten northern tribes to revolt against King Rehoboam after Solomon's death and set up two golden calves to prevent the people from worshiping in Jerusalem. Flurry also mentions Jeroboam II who was the fourteenth King of Israel and reigned during the time of Amos.

Flurry does not state who this modern day Jeroboam is in this broadcast but he later offers an article (unavailable online [Update: May 6. The article has since been made available online.]) that can be ordered by the viewer. However other sources tell us that he is talking about President Trump as may be seen in Banned by HWA, Exit and Support Network in the January 24, 2017 letter and the January 23, 2017 broadcast of Stephen Flurry's Trumpet Daily.)

Let us see what Gerald Flurry says in the transcript of this broadcast.
God prophesies of His last warning to Israel in the book of Amos, and He aims it specifically at two nations, the two birthright nations, and that’s all explained in our book on The United States and Britain in Prophecy. God says, though that, in this context that there’s one last WARNING that He’s going to give, and it’s going to be in the timeframe of a modern-day Jeroboam. It’s going to be in that TIME. (p. 1. Emphases in original throughout.)
He insists that this modern day Jeroboam is vitally important in (PCG's interpretation of) Bible prophecy.
So it’s pretty mind-sobering when you think about it, that if you look at these end-time prophecies God talks about INDIVIDUALS. He names NAMES just repeatedly, and we need to understand those names and the role those men play if we’re going to understand these end-time prophecies. It’s ESSENTIAL that we understand these individuals. So this last timeframe is just FILLED with Jeroboam. You could say it’s a JEROBOAM timeframe or a JEROBOAM end. (p. 1.)
It is all about the modern day Jeroboam according to Flurry.
You can see that in this Jeroboam-end it all revolves around HIM, and that’s why it’s so essential that we understand who he is. But who IS this man? (p. 2.)
He mentions a priest of Bethel named Amaziah mentioned in the Book of Amos who opposed Amos and went to King Jeroboam II to work against Amos. Back in the early 1990s Gerald Flurry wrote a booklet entitled The Lion Has Roared which scare mongered that Tkach's WCG would conspire with American authorities to somehow suppress PCG. (Of course that never happened.) But this idea of governmental suppression seems to be getting reused and adapted to suit modern circumstances.
So here is this priest that is talking to Jeroboam, which tells you that Jeroboam has a religious following in this end-time. This end-time Jeroboam has a RELIGIOUS following, and he’s leading them in a way that they should not be led. THAT’S the problem! (p. 2.)
According to Stephen Flurry in his January 23, 2017 broadcast Gerald Flurry's co-worker letter mentioned the support Trump gained from religiously inclined Protestants and Catholics. Possibly this insinuates that Evangelicals and Catholics will soon conspire with President Trump to somehow suppress PCG. (Actually most of them have in all likelihood never heard of PCG.)

Apparently this modern day Jeroboam (Trump) is leading Americans away from (PCG's) God.
But anyhow, we can go on to prove that to you. If you look at I Kings 12, and I want to just to read a few verses there, you can see that this modern-day Jeroboam is committing the same sin that the ANCIENT Jeroboam did. There was more than one, but they all had the same spirit and did the same evil deeds. But the ancient Jeroboam turned Israel away from the message of God and the throne of David, turned them away from the throne of David. Now, that sin is being committed in this end time, as well. Why does God use Jeroboam as the last warning to the nations of Israel? (p. 3.)
Even though he insists that this modern day Jeroboam will be bad for his viewers he does not reveal who he is but instead directs the viewer to order a new article that has been produced.
Well, we have this special reprint article we’ve planned and created just for this very program that will explain all of this to you about who IS Jeroboam, and what do you need to know about him. And God DOES reveal a LOT about him in this modern-day endtime Jeroboam. And I’m telling you, the original Jeroboam committed a great sin and the modern-day Jeroboam is committing the very identical sin again, and it’s been going on for a long, long time, hundreds and even thousands of years. (p. 3.)
Trump is somehow doing what the ancient Jeroboam did.
Now, today a modern-day Jeroboam is causing other religions to make serious mistakes, and other Christians, and it’s just really simple to see that it’s going the same way it did ANCIENTLY, only on a higher level in many ways. (p. 4.)
Flurry then talks about "the key of David" which in PCG's jargon is a reference to the God Family doctrine. Other churches are condemned for not teaching this doctrine. However many COG groups also teach the God family doctrine to this day. They do not tend to use the phrase "key of David" regarding that doctrine but it is the same idea.
And He’s inviting those firstfruits to share that throne with Him if they’ll be loyal to Him and teach the key of David message, the house of David message! Then He’s going to give them the reward of being His Bride for all eternity, an unparalleled offering to any human being! What a reward that God gives the people who are loyal to Him! (p. 6.)
Flurry teaches that those who are transformed into God beings at Christ's return are "Christ's bride," the "firstfruits,"an elite group within the God family into which it will not be possible for anyone else to be admitted into after Christ's return. It is taught that for all eternity the God beings of this elite rank will be of a higher rank over all others who will later be born into the God family.

It is very unfortunate that Gerald Flurry has decided to try and squelch any hope his followers had that things will improve by denouncing Trump in such a ludicrous and bizarre way. But PCG are but false prophets. Their words will never come to pass. There is no need to fear their dire proclamations.


  1. The only rationale I can come up with to explain this material from the PCG is that it is being ghost written by patients at a mental hospital.

    One wonders what the PCG will do if all the patients get better and are released to live as productive citizens in society again.

  2. Obama, Antiocchus? Obviously they have been reading too much Joachim Hagopian! They might be taken a bit more seriously if they just drew a few subtle and appropriate parallels to the Bible. As it is, they seem to be compelled to see themselves in certain Biblical personalities or events, they identify current nations or leaders with predominantly evil ones, mostly from the Old Testament, and they portray their own little group as being the truthbringers, the leaders, and the solution to nearly every single current problem facing mankind. They also make themselves the gatekeepers for the new era. It is all so over-stated, and they make it so surreal that the message becomes not credible to a broad cross section of the general population. Not just the mainstream, but also the kooks are turned off by it.

    In order to reach across, and to relate to others in such a manner as to realize common ground, the volume of the rhetoric must be ratcheted down. Otherwise, the "message" becomes part of just another screaming match, muffled and cancelled out. These ACOG messengers need to realize the value of understatement in being effective with a message. Fortunately for the rest if the world, they never will.