Saturday, February 11, 2017

PM Netanyahu Tried to Cut British Funding for Breaking the Silence

Recently Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with British Prime Minister May. No doubt they had important and pressing issues to discuss. But somehow Prime Minister Netanyahu chose to use part of this important meeting to call on the British government to withdraw funding for Breaking the Silence, an NGO of IDF reservists which publicize what happens in the Palestinian territories. However according to a co-founder of Breaking the Silence the British government has not sent any such funding since 2011.
On Monday the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with his British counterpart, Theresa May. Among other things, he asked her to stop the UK government’s funding of the group I co-founded, Breaking the Silence, as well as other human rights organisations in Israel and Palestine. This is regardless of the fact that Breaking the Silence has not received funding from the British government since 2011. (The Guardian, February 8, 2017.)

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