Saturday, February 4, 2017

PCG Offended at Words from Chancellor Merkel

Ever since the 1930s HWA and his imitators have insisted that some sinister power in Europe is fated to conquer the United States and take Americans as slaves back with them to Europe. PCG have taught this ludicrous idea as well. But even though they have long insisted that such a terrible thing is fated to soon occur when Chancellor Merkel gave a statement concerning Trump's election as president that was not quite what PCG's leaders liked they moaned about it.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe’s de facto leader, offered only conditional cooperation with the new U.S. president. She listed values that she said bind Germany and America together: “democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for human dignity, regardless of ancestry, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political leanings. On the basis of these values, I offer the future president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, close cooperation.” 
Since the end of World War II, the U.S. has been responsible for rebuilding Germany, protecting Germany—even reunifying Germany. Yet now Germany’s leader offers only tepid conditional support for an incoming U.S. president! (Stephen Flurry and Richard Palmer, America’s Election and Europe’s New Order, January 2017.)
So PCG has been saying for decades that Germany will soon conquer the United States and yet they get annoyed when the Chancellor makes a statement that is not quite as supportive as they like.

If Germany is supposedly destined to soon conquer the United States then why would PCG's leaders get offended that the German Chancellor was not as supportive towards then president elect Trump as much as they wanted? Shouldn't they be more worried about other things?

They say Germany will soon conquer the United States but at the same time they seem to expect Germany to so supportive towards the United States. What a glaring contradiction.

(Also it is worth repeating that PCG's dire predictions will not come to pass.)


  1. Yup. They're missing out on a huge opportunity to fan some flames! If David "bent" Ariel were alive, he would be writing some letters to Ms. Merkel urging her to fulfill her prophetic role. Just imagine the huge insult to Armstrongism that it would be for the beast to turn out to be a woman! LOL!


  2. Well, maybe it would be better.

    I understand that Germany has a stellar health plan that outshines Obama Care.

    Perhaps, the United States should look carefully at the successes that Germany has and perhaps emulate them. After all, they have been around a LOT longer than the United States AND at one point, a research study showed that 75% of Americans could trace their lineage back to the Germans!

    That means that for the most part, white folks in the United States are Barbarians. They certainly aren't Israelites. In effect, America came from Germany, so it doesn't owe the Americans much of anything. Chancellor Merkel was being very considerate and expansive.

    Especially since Eric Snowden was the catalyst to reveal that the CIA was spying on her. If anything, America owes her... an apology!

  3. The Eu will fall apart and Gerald will be like the rest of the acog prophets. What excuse will they offer? "God is withdrawing his punishment?"

    Like the stock market, the acog's are a null sum game. The predictions they make are subject to change with the blowing of the wind. When the EU dies where will their long term investment be? The answer: In the gutter along with HWA's false prophecies.

    But knowing how the game is played, they will redefine HWA's prophetic incompetence as their own, re-branding the characters found in the bible. Germany will become South Korea, the great whore will become the Greek Orthodox church, and America will still be one of the lost tribes. You need America to remain as the staple. After all, it is your income because most of your members are American. So scare the shit out of them ignorant sheeple with the "new understanding" that keeps personal tensions high and the money rolling in.

  4. Right now, one global political trend is that of reevaluating alliances. I believe the Greek financial crisis caused leaders to painfully realize that alliances must be mutually beneficial. Donald Trump seems to be initiating an era in which individual treaties will be the guiding paradigm, rather than alliances which sap the strength of major producers by forcing them to carry the net "takers". These shifting alliances are going to shake things up on the international scene, and the ACOG "prophets" are going to have more false fuel for their ministries, much akin to what they derive from financial cycles, weather patterns, and pathologies of disease.

    The basic problem for the ACOGs is that the bulk of humanity in the civilized world no longer naively finds a singular philosophy as the total perfect solution for all things that go wrong. Most people realize how complicated and interactive global relationships are, and that therefore there needs to be a far more comprehensive solution than returning to Hebrew roots. They also realize that worst case scenario just doesn't happen. Problem solvers and negotiators mitigate conditions before they spin totally out of control.