Friday, December 8, 2017

Mark Armstrong Condemning a Jury's Verdict

Intercontinental Church of God's leader Mark Armstrong has another weekly update. Let's take a look. (December 1, 2017.)

Here he complains that a jury found Jose Inez Garcia Zarate not guilty.
When Governor Jerry Brown declared California a sanctuary state, he wasn't kidding!  No doubt millions reacted with astonishment and anger at the “not guilty” verdict issued for the illegal idiot who shot and killed beautiful Kate Steinle.  My TV may never be the same after the tongue lashing it got last night.  And then these slime ball lawyers came out and warned first the President, Vice President and Attorney General, and then all of the rest of us who might be tempted to be critical of the jury's verdict, that we all enjoy the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  While it wasn't conclusive about the first lawyer, the second had a serious speech impediment that he seemed to play up, leaving no doubt about his proclivity. 
He assumes he better understands the situation than the jury.
Now we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the state of California has embraced insanity.  They’re soooo righteous in all their empathy for illegal aliens, that a jury will declare an habitual criminal innocent if he kills someone, and there's some doubt about his intent.  Assuming he didn't intend to take the innocent life of Kate Steinle, he still killed her.  That's involuntary manslaughter at the very least! 
He expresses the hope that his readers will share his opinion.
If this doesn't get the rest of the nation to recognize the depth of stupidity that infects, not just the California state leadership, but in this case a jury of San Francisco citizens who UNANIMOUSLY found the killer innocent, then nothing will. 
He then takes comfort in the thought that of the leftists he despises have been accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the allegations regarding Harvey Weinstein.
Many may not yet recognize the boomerang effect of the left's air of righteous superiority.  But it's coming back upon them, time and again.  They got so excited about destroying Judge Moore and gaining a seat in the Senate, the scandal they set in motion is taking down a who's who of their own beloved hierarchy.  Their biggest Hollywood financial benefactors, some of their reliable network propagandists, their favorite former president, and some of their biggest heroes in government are dropping like flies.
He then hopes that some similar misfortune will occur to leftists reporting on the ongoing Trump-Russia scandal.
Self-righteous promoters of socialism and political correctness don't have the slightest bit of shame in accusing others of things that they themselves are guilty of.  Wait until their Russian “collusion” obsession comes full circle.  Much of the information is already out, though the mainstream media hasn't yet had its face rubbed in it.  Odd, isn't it, how the “facts first” network is blissfully unaware of information already in the possession of millions?  They know nothing of the financing of the fake dossier, for which their ideological friends paid millions.  They never heard of uranium sales to Russia, approved by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 
He complains of calls for President Trump to be removed from office.
They throw little tantrums about what a lunatic President Trump is, between “facts first” adds about an apple still being an apple even if someone says “banana, banana, banana.”  Facts first!  Then they go back to wondering when Trump's family will stage an “intervention” due to his obvious diminished capacity.  They can't understand why Congress hasn't invoked the 25th Amendment to have Trump relieved of his duties, due to his inability to faithfully execute them.  Facts first, my left foot.
He charges that the Trump-Russia scandal is leaving Americans unaware of problems with North Korea and Iran.
North Korea just demonstrated its ability to launch a full-blown ICBM with a range to hit anywhere in the United States, and carry a nuclear warhead.  Maybe they don't yet have the nuclear warhead, but then nobody thought they had an ICBM of that magnitude either.  There is little dispute over the fact that the world is in grave danger as the radical rogue regimes, such as North Korea and Iran, start to brandish nuclear weapons.  But in the midst of mainstream fury over the election and apparent success of the Trump administration, nuclear threats are a footnote.  The BIG NEWS is that President Trump is almost caught “colluding with the Russians.”  He's been almost caught every day and night for nearly a year now.  They seem to have no recognition that their false reporting and obvious bias is a major reason he was elected in the first place! 
He then crassly accuse those sympathetic to the plight of refugees of causing Europeans and Americans to exposed to terrorist attacks from Al Qaeda like extremists. This is a vicious accusation against those who wish well to those who happen to be less fortunate.
Europe is on red alert for more “holiday terror,” similar to the attacks last year.  Terrorist bombs and massacres are a way of life for much of the Middle East, and as we all know, the danger is all over Europe and all over the United States due to the overwhelming goodness and empathy of those willing to sacrifice all God's blessings and their children's future, assuming they have any, so they can brag about their lofty ideals.  The “goodness” of these godless socialists is liable to be end of Western culture.
He ends this missive against immigrants, those wishing to welcome them, those concerned about the Trump-Russia scandal and jurors doing their duty with a little statement of encouragement.
May God grant all of us the patience and the gumption to recognize what is important and what is not.  We're being pulled in all directions.   
He then adds a postscript.
P. S. The December letter was mailed two days ago and should be in your mailbox directly.  We have another edition of Twenty-first Century WATCH laid out and on its way to print.  We've also seen very effective results with some of our internet “boosts,” and will continue testing material on the Sabbath, what happens after death, and concentrating on strategies that work.   Have a great Sabbath.
Shouldn't the paragraph above be the weekly update?


  1. When Mark again became arbitrator of justice in his weekly ain't it awful rant, it reminded me of the COGs' cafeteria-style approach to Torah law. There are specific instructions on dealing with foreigners, unintentional manslaughter, and sanctuary cities, which he could have mentioned, at least as examples.
    Yes, the postscript should have been the entire content of the weekly update!

  2. If HWA and GTA had embraced the philosophies of George Lincoln Rockwell back in the 1960s, their world view and analyses of the news would have been very similar to what Mark Armstrong is dishing up today. We see an ACOG overwritten by the philosophies of Steve Bannon. Thinking people are never going to accept Mark's church as bonifide. He is appealing to the same types of people as would typically join militias. Playing to such people does not in any way fulfill the "great commission" which Armstrongism has co-opted as their own. To "warn the world" you must strike a common chord, one which crosses barriers and resonates with a broad spectrum. Mark is narrow-casting.


  3. Wow, in another note I just saw the video and juey verdict of philip mitchell brailsford mesa arizona. Speaking about fascism in its purest, finest, most intricate perfect form. And the cop gets acquitted by the jury.

    It gives a glimpse on how jurors judged kkk in the past aftwr massacres.

    Fascism in its purest refined form.