Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mark Armstrong's Latest Word Salad

Last week Mark Armstrong was surprisingly focused on one topic for most of that weekly update. This week he has returned to form shifting topics bewildering every paragraph with little rhyme or reason. (December 22, 2017.)

Let's see what he has to say.

He mentions a ramming attack in Melbourne and moans that the authorities are inclined to believe that it was a result of mental health issues. He implies that anyone who disagrees with his complaint is using coercion and should be feared by his audience.
Except for the tragedy in Melbourne, Australia, where an Afghan refugee ran over 19 civilians in a crowded shopping district, it's been a pretty good week.  But it wasn't terror, authorities were quick to insist, just a troubled individual with mental problems who missed his doctor's appointment.  Never mind that he was talking Islamic gibberish and says he did it in retaliation for the poor treatment of Muslims.  The obvious thing to do was to jump into a car and start running over shoppers.  By that standard, all Islamic terrorists have mental health issues that are “treatable” provided they don't forget to take their medicine and set out to kill random bystanders.  But it's not terror, and nobody better say otherwise.
He then praises Australia's immigration policy to scare monger that terrorism is somehow much more likely in the United States.
It would be good to remember that Australia has been MUCH more circumspect in its immigration policies in recent years than the United States, meaning that we have a vastly greater potential for terrorist mayhem here at home.  Not only have we seen similar incidents in recent weeks, but San Francisco just dodged a planned attack.  They've arrested an ISIS sympathizer who apparently planned to gun down people on a popular pier on December 25, when he knew many would be there.  You don't suppose he has mental health problems?  Yeah, that could explain it.
He then gets all gross scare mongering about stereotyped Muslim immigrants committing acts of sexual violence against white women in Sweden (even though most sexual violence occurs within ethnic communities). May all such acts of violence be brought to justice.
Terrorism, and the threat of attacks and gang rapes by refugees continues to be a major problem in Europe.  Another gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in a suburb of Stockholm just took place.  Of course, we know from Swedish authorities, there's no refugee problem at all.  Police responded to the gang rape (they don't know how many were involved) by warning women to stay indoors or only go out when accompanied.  This brought protests of “several hundred,” not very happy with the police response.   But, as everybody knows, Sweden loves its Muslim immigrants, and everything is just fine! Got it?  Saying otherwise could get you arrested, in Sweden.
He then moves his thoughts to happier things such as praising President Trump for passing tax cuts which has been widely criticized as favoring the rich at the expense of the middle class and defending Vice-President Pence's praise of President Trump.
Thankfully, in the United States we're not hampered by the authoritarian thought police that rule Europe.  By any definition (excepting that of the deranged mainstream media) this has been a terrific week.  We saw the passage of the first major tax reformation since Ronald Reagan.  For those who staked their claim on the theory that Trump couldn't get anything done, it's a slap in the face.  They couldn't be more disgusted with the joyful celebrations at the White House.  And Vice President Mike Pence!  He's left them laughing till they cry with his “adulation” of the President.  Maybe they haven't noticed, but Mr. Pence is always pretty earnest and heartfelt, regardless of the subject or situation.  Some of us aren't offended that he would be publicly proud of his administration and what it's accomplished, especially when the public has been reminded constantly that they, “can't get anything done.”
He then nonchalantly states that he has "lost all faith in the Dept. of Justice and the FBI" apparently viewing them as tools of the Democratic Party. He alludes to an email from a person who had since been fired from Robert Mueller's investigation.
Perhaps the bigger news is that cracks have appeared in the Deep State dam, and some truth is beginning to trickle through.  If you've been reading these updates for long, you'll know that we lost all faith in the Dept. of Justice and the FBI quite some time ago.  It was obvious that Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were prepared to ruin any last vestige of credibility to shield Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from embarrassment.  It now looks pretty certain that top-level “investigators” conspired to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, and when that didn't work, set out to destroy his presidency with (in their own words) an “insurance policy.”  
He gets all hopeful that "the dam may eventually break" within the Department of Justice and the FBI. How dare an investigator within the FBI just might possibly, somehow get the President impeached.
It looks like the dam may eventually break, and that would be the best thing that's happened to this country in a long time.  Wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air if the primary institutions of Law and Justice were restored to a position of trust and respect?  That's hardly the situation now, as the instigators of the “insurance policy” (false allegations, big criminal investigation) are mostly still in place. 
 He then seems to mock media outlets for allegedly propping up "socialist heroes" trying to somehow transform America. He also insists that there have been "a string of miracles offering the opportunity for a revival" of the United States.
Wouldn't it be something if the mocking, sneering tag team in prime time were forced to choke down and report the truth about their socialist heroes who were “transforming America?”  Maybe it’s foolish to get our hopes up, but we've already seen a string of miracles offering the opportunity for a revival of a nation that we love, a nation that was, and is, a part of God's plan.
And following that line of thought he claims that the departure of about two hundred scientists from the EPA is such a miracle, at least in his eyes.
And here's a miracle for you, just reported today.  EPA bureaucrats are leaving the agency in droves!   No doubt, many of the regulations they enforced have been gutted.  Nearly all the language about global warming, or, ahem, climate change, has been deleted off government web sites.  They just can't support the agency's mission any longer, and here's the kicker.  Two hundred of the seven hundred leaving are “scientists.”  Since these “scientists” undoubtedly preached climate nonsense, believing they could “make a difference” in the weather or sea levels, were pro-evolution and anti-God, we can only wish them luck in their future endeavors.  Chances are they'll need to move to Europe or somewhere if they want another job in the global warming field.
He then mocks Pope Francis and casts him a villain who allowed "Muslims and Africans" to move to Europe. He hysterically implies that these immigrants will become the majority of the population within Europe.
We can't ignore this week's newsworthy statement from nobody's favorite pontiff.  Now he's worrying about the “demographic winter” that nations may suffer from having too few children!  Talk about a lack of self-awareness, and having no shame.  He's the one that shamed Europe into allowing millions of Muslims and Africans to flood in.  Europe's low birth rate has been no secret for at least the past twenty years.  Demographic winter?  The new arrivals are making babies like they're going out of style, and Europeans don't.  Didn't the pope know that before he started pining for a Muslim onslaught of Europe?  Now the solution is for Europeans to have more babies?  It's already too late. 
He then indulges in hurling homophobic invective at the Catholic Church.
Catholic spokesmen in the U S A are as gay as they get.  The clergy at Rome is having its way with the choirboys in residence....  Sum it up to say the clergy isn't setting a very good example, Mr. pope.
He alludes to the UN General Assembly vote which rejected the United States' recognition of Jerusalem as being the capital of the State of Israel. He mused that it would be good if the United States just cut off all funding to the UN. It is not mentioned that despite the threat to cut off funding only nine states voted in support of President Trump's decision, namely Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Togo and the United States.
When the UN assembled this week to condemn the United States for President Trump's decision to move the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem, both Ambassador Haley and the president himself warned that American aid might just be the price of that condemnation.  But they did it anyway.  Yes, we know.  There are vast Geo-political implications…  But wouldn't it be nice if we just cut off the funding to the UN?  I'm guessing President Trump could turn that building into multi-million-dollar condos, and we'd all be better off for it. 
He then states his hope that the Christmas rush will finally end on Christmas day. For whatever reason he does not mention Armstrongism's ban against Christmas.
And just think of it, three more days!  Three more days till the clanging ceases and with any luck, the traffic begins to let up.  All in all, it's been a pretty good week and a very entertaining year.  People are starting to get their faces rubbed in reality for a change.  And if you don't believe in miracles, you haven't been paying attention.  Here's to next year being even better!  Have a wonderful Sabbath!   
And so we see that Mark Armstrong has delivered yet another shrill polemic condemning those he oppose.


  1. Mark should talk to a first grader and ask how much a tax break amounts to for a person who is not paying taxes!

    Oh wow, we are getting a 22% break from paying 0 which amounts to 0. Well, the roads are getting worse, so there is more road kill to eat for Christmas.

    The poor will be hard hit by the "break" the tax paying entities are getting.

    He also does not seem to understand that the USA is funded by its allies to sustain the lifestyle enjoyed by many. The USA will stand as long as investors buy its products and debt paper and the dollar will be the reserve money for oil.

    If that blessing is taken away, the USA will fall faster than bitcoin. Blessed are the peacemakers. That is why the rest of the world funds the USA as policeman of that world. Withdraw from that duty and the blessing will be taken away by the unseen hand of markets losing confidence in the manifest destiny of the USA and bestow the "Mandate of Heaven" upon China or the coming interconnected Eurasian landmass power which in its embryonic state is called "chinese belt and road initiative" but in reality combines the Russian "oil company and its ceo putin" with "chinese manufacturing power" replacing the USA as a domineering factor.

    And of course the European nations as part of that Eurasian landmass will follow suit since it actually sooooo efficient.

    Redfox. All that cultural stuff you write about I don't know. I see change but cannot tell the chicken from the egg as being the cause or effect.

    I do know that the first philosophers of the EU in the 1920's dreamed of a European population with roots completely disconnected from the land/country/nation they were living in. It seems the influx of immigrants is part of a greater scheme than just capitalism injuring domestic workers and fixed income. It certainly is not about aid. And perhaps it is about the destruction of a culture that has nurtured thousands of years of war, 2 major world wars and genocide. It is clear that the reasoning is more than economic.

    Poland is caving in and 120 nations have gathered this week to destroy Israel through democracy and demography.


  2. What choice does Poland have after the invocation of article 7? They are the single largest recipient of EU benefits. Join Russia? Renew ties with Greece?

    HWA was so right that the European juggernaut will be stopped by nothing. It is an idea that is relentlessly pursued. It cannot be understood by Americans hoping that the idea would be dissolved with a minor economy like Greece (smaller economy than Chicago) having problems.

    The ideas of Catalan "independence" (weakening a larger state like Spain) or weakening national culture and identity by the influx of millions of immigrants fall right into the plans of creating a single larger entity and identity than one focussed on nationalism.

    It is relentless and beyond the point of no return.

    The much criticized burocrats arranging directives from behind the scenes are faced with rapid change and are quickly learning to deal with POLITICAL power instead of burocratic power now they are facing demands from populations demanding answers to political questions.

    Exactly fitting into a scheme transferring political power to a new center of power transitioning from apparachiks to political power.

    Loosing Britain in the proces is one full step ahead in that proces toward unification. Again used by the contra people, as as sad argument that the EU is dissolving whilst it is rapidly Unifying as a major power especially when it will be connected with the Eurasian Landmass through the belt system and Russian energy.


  3. I don't get it. Isn't Mark supposed to be cheering the demise of the USA, in fulfillment of what his grandfather sold as "God's plan" (the punishment of "Israel")? Yet, here he is, cheering on what he sees as being President Trump's revitalization of the USA, and what he believes is happening to destroy Europe culturally, not even giving a nod to the fact that these trends would go against the prophecies Mark was taught throughout his life would come to pass in his lifetime.

    Never mind whether so much that is being accomplished politically is stealthfully masked by outrageous street theatre, the reality is that Mark, as preserver of his grandfather's and father's movement, is actually cheering for the side which HWA and GTA preached would be the losers. Honestly, a great number of us secretly did this while we were members of Armstrongism, and of course felt guilty about it, but Mark is openly rooting for the opposing team as he continues to preach Armstrongism! That is either cognitive dissonance, or it is insanity.


  4. 1st HWA would have nothing to with Marks preaching. 2nd you seem to take the Jonah position while WCG called upon the Anglos to repent OR face demise. To be losers was never a given albeit presented as very likely. 3rd Mark does not comprehend in what manner all will come true (in a secular way) since he is an american centrist. So he does not understand how the times of the gentiles will surfaceal and how instrumental Trump is in the gradual collapse of the American empire.

    Never did an empire collapse in an instant. It was always through gradual undermining of that what made it great. (ie offering hope for a better future) for the majority.


  5. nck wrote: HWA was so right that the European juggernaut will be stopped by nothing. It is an idea that is relentlessly pursued. It cannot be understood by Americans hoping that the idea would be dissolved with a minor economy like Greece (smaller economy than Chicago) having problems.

    Wrong nck. The EU will fail. Dissent is not only caused by their immigration policy, but how they structured the debt's of the soon to be member nations that would be part of the union.

    The Fed of the EU should have absorbed all the member nation's debts. They did not so we have what is going on in Italy. Massive suffering.

    My hat is off to Poland for resisting the immigration decree by Brussels. The split up of Spain is a good thing. The smaller the state to more governable it will be. Also the chances of war greatly decreases.

    So no, HWA didn't know shit from apple butter when it came to the EU. He stoled the headlines of the day and created prophecies that would enrich him for decades to come.

    1. Right, O! The fact is HWA was a garbage man. But, he was not your typical garbage man as we have known them. Instead of picking up the trash, he delivered it!


  6. First, Jonah didn't want to prophesy to the Ninevites (Phoenicians) because he hated their evils (infanticide) and didn't want them to repent or be spared (see a good commentary on the book of Jonah) I, on the other hand, thought of our country as being the good guys, the morally superior, who won World War II, saved the free world, and didn't deserve to be punished in accordance with the constructs of HWA. As I grew in maturity, I came to realize that HWA was an irrationally angry asshole, totally devoid of any sort of love. And, yes, he would take umbrage with Mark, just as he did with anyone else close to him who didn't agree with him 99-49/100%, or was capable of faking it. This is why the image of God in the minds of Armstrongites was traditionally one of HWA on steroids.


  7. Hah, yes I was targetting you opinionated.

    I can see how you come to your short term conclusions. You must have lost millions going short on Greek banks or the Euro during the negotiations. If so I am sorry.

    The European Fed (which is not a private institution like the us fed abd has limited mandate) has bought most of the bank debt paper while the politicians construed a European bank Union. Once this is completed one more important step toward full political integration has been made.

    Brexit was a blessing for the Eurocrats as they move full steam ahead and Uk will suffer the consequences for their illusions of Empire and place in the world at large.

    You may have noticed that the Greek people despite their suffering chose to remain part of the EU.

    How much of your 401 will you invest in catalunia when they part from a weakened spain. Or the UK when the Scots part ways with England to rejoin EU?

    I know it will be a matter of perhaps 15 years, altough the financial and banking union as framework is nearly completed.

    The economics of it all will show your politics 100% wrong. The psychology is that people find it harder to loose gains made. The thought police makes it illegal to distinghuish or discriminate. The technology enables greater span of control than the nation state.

    And there are the external factors like the chinese working their pants of destroying any idea of a viable european social syste. So the next crisis (wave) will bring the peoples of Europe closer again as the last set them on a point of no return. Look at the coming merging of European banks!

    The Jonah position. I meant hwa called upon the anglos to repent. You made it look certain that they would be destroyed.

    I did not speak of your personal opinion about the usa.


  8. Yes I hope we do. I have no fear about either scenario. Although stochastics like automation run wild, a paranoid russian leader replacing the current nationalist or climate change call for rapid transition. Rapid transition means "systemic friction", which is another word for war.

    If so I hope it remains limited to economic war shrinking the wealth pie. Which is different from a growing pie with distribution issues.

    I have my eyes set on ( a secular) world (of) tomorrow. Lots of clean energy, food technology feeding the masses and circular economies making waste a thing of the past.

    We ll see. One cannot be antagonistic about stochastics only extrapolate ideas in progress.


  9. "If so I hope it remains limited to economic war shrinking the wealth pie. Which is different from a growing pie with distribution issues."

    Well nck, you can't chart the unknown.

    As to war, they always bring you to war. Profits over the people.

  10. Well!

    Are you a son of Lewis and Clark?
    I'm more the Jefferson part of that expedition.

    You may have noticed that I do not necesserally perceive war as as the resultant of a sinister cabal. Moreso as a resultant of friction during systemic transition.

    BB has awareness of repetitive patterns I noticed since lately he mentioned kondriateff on another topic.

    "They" for the most part believe they are doing "the right thing". But all should heed Shakespeare who observed (perhaps in his line of work or as a creator of time place space form) that we are all merely the players in this cosmic play unfolding.


    1. nck,

      There is the economic cycle, the war cycle, sun cycles, etc. It is like man lives in a programmed matrix, unable to escape his repetitive nature.

      I asked a Russian the other day if he thought if man could ever escape this destructive cycle. He said no and I agree.

      Things are not as we perceive.

  11. Nikolai Kondratiev was commissioned to prove through research that capitalism would die, while the managed economies of communist countries would last indefinitely. Kondratiev's research instead demonstrated that capitalist economies undergo long wave cycles, and actually renew themselves. He was sentenced to Gulag following a visit to the US, and was executed in 1938 in one of Josef Stalin's purges. His works were largely forgotten until the 1970s, and his reputation has now been refurbished by Russia, with his works once again being available. His long wave cycle economic theory is considered controversial, but there are numerous examples of the complete cycles occurring in free maket economies around the world.


  12. Getting back to Mark Armstrong, I vote for insanity. And this guy is no centrist - He's somewhere to the right of the John Birch Society. His praise of the usurper president is nauseating. Trump finally got a legislative win at the end of the year? Congressional Republicans crafted a tax plan which virtually ignored Trump's campaign promises and had to be loaded down with enticements to convince even Republicans to vote for it. And Mark's dig at homo Catholics is too rich from the grandson of an incestuous pedophile and the son of a womanizing adulterer.

  13. Thanks for getting our priorities straight Miller. Christmas is a day for ranting at mark and trump. For completeness you must include his being kicked out of ac for personal youthful indiscretions. Or was this his bro? I cant keep up with that family indiscretions.

    It s all too much. Anyway better than flipping channels and watching the sound of music for the umptieth time having that nice Trapp family fleeing from the other AC alumnus toward a mountaineous area that in reality would take them straight into the heart of Nazi Bavaria instead of Connecticut.

    Even those from the illusion machine are drivingbme crazy.



  14. Why cant those pesky Asians just convert to Christianity and close the market dangit. Lets get them merry tidings of nimrods testicles

    Go decorate a bonsai nasty hard working pagans.


  15. Miller

    One last Christmas thought from your dissenting friend.

    Probably the 25 best known christmas songs from the american songbook were written by Jews who had Americanized their names.

    They were written in a time when general society looked down upon jews as being "non whites" while HWA (probably scientifically flawed but revolutionary anyways) argued they were direct brothers of the american people.

    When Isidore Beilin wrote "white christmas" he was instrumental in forging a new common culture since "white" christmasses are a universal enjoyment and not specifically christian. Sleigh ride was even hwa approved for FOT entertainment movie.

    Silver bells by Levi son etc. They could not get themselves to write even one Hannukah song. But hey at least at lower east side presents were exchanged contrary to the protestant quarters.

    Rudolph red nose reindeer. The most jewish song of them all. Rudolph was not to be assimilated he was to remain just as he was. A complete new narrative for a brand new feast.

    The jews invented Christmas. Just analyze the 1930's lyrics and see that they are completely secularized as a present to a new nation that would vehemently deny that Jesus was a jewish boy and in the New England States people would be severely punished if they would refuse to work on the 25th of december.


  16. So in essence modern american christmas is inextricably linked to jewish secular songwriting mixed with hannukah traditions that can be enjoyed by all as seems to be the modern meaning of christmas anyway.


  17. nck,
    I think my ranting pales in comparison to Mark's tirade (and he makes a habit of these type of posts). As for your remarks about Christmas and Hanukkah, you may be interested in checking out this article by Tabor - And don't your observations support my thesis that Christmas is an invention of the Christian era? By the way, for all of those so inclined, Merry Christmas!

  18. No. I said that until 1804 there was severe punishment in new england states for refusing to work on the 25th.

    Anyway thanks for the article.

    Did I tell you of the time (an overzealous traffic ward) got me a parking ticket in Safed (of jewish kabbalism fame) on Hannukah while I paid for the ticket in a Jerusalem post office on christmas day before my designated driver took me to the Palestinian territories to visit Betlehems church of nativity. I got out just in time before the fighting broke out between the orthodox and catholic priests/monks each traditionally cleaning half of the church after festivities. Brooms were flying like rockets.

    Jewish armed guards tried to get some order during a frenzied christian procession, while the muazzin started chanting from al asqua. Nervous palestinian security cleared us rapidly from the temple mount while the ortodox bkaxk hats gathered for dancing at the wailing wall initiating the sabbath.

    The craziest christmas day ever had my head spinning.

    Just a day in the live of nck and the sharing of apersonal story to show my apreciation for all of your contributions this year (and because the article reminded me of the drive from mt tabor to safed over the horns of hattin where an entire crusader army got trapped by pride and delusion and the trap by the skilled master of battle Salah Ad Din.

    All just miles from Nazareth where hundreds of arab christian children paid their raucous respect to the baby jesus.

    Those were my observations.


    1. Several years ago, the hot topic on the dissident blogs involved German Christians originally popularizing Christmas in America. Christmas has pretty much become part of the public domain, part of many nations' national cultures at this point in history. If Jesus had never existed, mankind would have been compelled to invent Him. It's good to have a time of the year when a standard bearer for exceptional ethics and morality, tolerance and forgiveness is considered and honored.


  19. Now Mark adds attributes such as atheist and anti-God to those whose research supports climate change.
    And similar ranting continues in his Dec 29 update...

  20. Hoss,

    Gov. needs to suspend his tax exemption for the family business.

    1. Agreed. The problem is that Mark is politically correct when compared to President Trump and Steve Bannon. If there is anything left of the country by next election cycle, perhaps pulling the exemption would be possible.