Friday, December 8, 2017

PCG's 1%'s Cover-up of the Watergate Scandal

Since around late 2015 some within PCG's 1% have minimized the Watergate scandal (as may be seen herehere and here) despite the weighty evidence indicating otherwise, not least the famous testimony of former White House Counsel John Dean.

While reading Dean's account of what happened in those days I was struck by his reaction to Nixon's resignation speech on August 8, 1974.
By the time he had finished, my pity had given way to dismay. He never admitted a ... thing, I thought. He went out with a campaign speech. Oh, well, I thought, at least he's consistent, but why? Why is he taking Watergate with him? ... 
The cover-up had been a stupid error. Lying about it had been deadly for him. It was over now. He'd been caught in his lies, so why didn't he confess? Was he really far wiser than most would give him credit for? Would history say he'd been unfairly forced from office? Was he planting seeds of doubt? Or did he fear prosecution and jail? (John Dean, Blind Ambition: The White House Years, 1976, p. 357.)
But at least Nixon's seeds of doubt have failed to sprout for the most part and most people know that Nixon was guilty. But these seeds of doubt have sprouted within PCG's 1%. Gerald Flurry and Joel Hilliker have minimized the criminal cover-up. It was a Communist attack. It was revenge for Nixon's prosecution of Alger Hiss. PCG's leadership have been trying to cover-up the Nixon Administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement in the activities of the Plumbers.

We must embrace facts instead of just believing what we want to believe.

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