Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why the COGs Love President Trump's Decision About Jerusalem

So recently President Trump announced that the US government now recognized Jerusalem to be the capital of the State of Israel.

This was done even though the international consensus is that the status of Jerusalem needs to be resolved between the State of Israel and the Palestinians in an agreement before such diplomatic recognition can be granted lest it seems as though they were supporting one side.

Furthermore the State of Israel is only recognized by the international community as having a right to rule within its 1949-67 boundaries with the rest of what used to be Mandatory Palestine viewed as occupied territory because it was acquired by military force in the Six Day War in 1967. That designation also applies to East Jerusalem. National governments tend to be very reluctant to recognize altered borders lest it should provide support to any secessionists among themselves.

Nevertheless the COGs have generally been happy at this decision. Let us remember why they react this way. It is not because they think it will help bring about peace. They think it is a sign that the second coming is about to occur.

They think the State of Israel will soon be destroyed by the schemes of a future European Empire, its people conquered by military force and taken as slave labor back to Europe. They also insist similar things will happen to the United States.

These are terrible events that they imagine. Who would want such things to happen? Such imaginings are sickening and weary those who yearn for solutions and better days. (It is also rather unlikely at present.) And yet they anticipate such things and get excited thinking that these events somehow prove themselves to be right and everyone else as wrong.

But Armstrongism has a long track record of making false predictions. HWA said that Christ will return in 1936, then after World War II, then in 1975. The Armstrongites merely add to their dismal record of error.

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  1. International law provides for the framework that when a situation has evolved into a reality for long enough it can be codified or recognized as being the new reality.

    For instance Kaliningrad Oblast or Dantzig will never be German again. The Crimea will probably never be Ukrainian again. Texas and California will never be Mexican again.

    And Jerusalem in the future will never be under Palestinian control again. (since it never was, it was British, before that Ottoman and before that French (under the crusaders) and before that Greco/Roman (Byzantine), Roman, Assyrian, Hill tribe Kings as a buffer state between the Egyptian empire and the Syrian/ Hittite empires.

    Palestinians as a people are fiction and a variation of general arab population who lived scattered everywhere under the Ottoman Turks.

    Never will the land occupied by 900.000 arabs be returned to the current 3 million? ofspring. I may be wrong on the exact number, but as the Romans say in Ridley Scotts say about the desperate Germans, "People should know when they are conquered."

    Look what the Romans did for Germany.
    The fastest roads in the world and clean drinking water in their underground aquaducts. The Germans are so thankful that they are currently bailing the descendants of those Romans out with billions of Euros. Since those modern Romans have degenerated into a people that know all about beauty but not how to save for it.