Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What if There was War with China?

Renowned journalist John Pilger in his latest film, The Coming War on China, discusses the possibility of war between the United States and China and what might happen in such a nightmarish situation. This documentary was first released on December 5, 2016 in Britain and can now be viewed on Al Jazeera.

The COGs have often scare mongered about China but if such a dreadful thing as war with China should occur (may that day never dawn) in actual fact the United States is quite well positioned for such an eventuality. The United States have many military bases located in nations neighboring China ready to respond if such a thing were to occur. The COGs have failed to notice that rather pertinent fact.

Those of us who with a COG background have often been encouraged to interpret news not to learn what is happening but to convince ourselves that the COG is right and can see the future. I believe for many of us who were or are involved with the COGs it would be good to learn from one who is not blinkered with COG dogma discuss and confront this important issue.


  1. Unfortunately in all probability wars will not be waged or decided by nuclear weapons WWII was the last I guess. We will see skirmishes like the Gulf Wars, but they are extremely uneven and the winner is known in advance. They are like corrections. Most of these skirmishes in the near future might be waged by unmanned drones.

    The next reallignment of power will probably be waged through economic means. Chinese beltways all over the world. Currency reallignment with the dollar taking not being dominant anymore amongst peers after losing its value as petrol dollar when we all go green through technological advancement.

    China, India and South East Asia after 200 years are coming back to their natural status as world leaders.

    Remember after the collapse of the Byzantine empire Columbus sailed West to find a shorter route to the dominant economic power of the time. In the proces he wrongly named the native people of the blocking continent Indians.


  2. A year before I first heard GTA, a discussion of Lord of the Flies in English class changed to one of Jean Dixon's vision of a war with China. Though it never happened, her prophetic record still beats HWA et al.
    Among G.G. Rupert's works, which were the source of many R/WCG doctrines, was his scaremongering tome, The Yellow Peril.

  3. The reality of it is that WCG sponsored a China Chair at Oxford University for greater understanding betweeen the peoples, sponsored the high profile "Little Ambassadors from Shanghai" trip that brought them to the White House. Rader and HWA spoke to the Chinese leadership way before Billy Graham was admitted as "the first christian missionary" speaking in china. In Beijing there is a building based on the original blueprints of Ambassador Auditorium as a goodwill gift. etc etc etc etc etc etc Deng Xiaopings off spring probably have that peace of Steuben still standing on some closet or cupboard in one of their billionaire homes around the world.

    And I believe during the LA Olympics the Asian badminton teams stayed at AC Pasadena for training in the facilities.

    Eat that scare mongers whoever you are.