Monday, December 11, 2017

Overview of the January 2018 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet

PCG has released another issue of their recruitment magazine to try and gain more tithes paying converts. (January 2018.) Let's take a look at what they have to say this time.

The editors for this issue are Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad Macdonald, Richard Palmer, Robert Morley, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Phillip Nice.

This issue has a circulation of 247,255 issues. November-December 2017's circulation was 246,769. October 2017's circulation was 245,780. September 2017's circulation was 245,925 issues. August 2017's circulation was 255,897 issues. July 2017's circulation was 267,569. May-June 2017's circulation was 263,551. April 2017's circulation was 267,569 (which happens to be the same as July's figure).

The cover is illustrated by Gary Dorning. The cover features portrayals of the leaders of Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, Austria and Hungary. It should be noted that PCG often scare mongers about Russia, China and Japan. PCG's leaders do not talk of Turley as much Turkey but PCG does teach that the Turkish people are fated to be annihilated by PCG's pathetic parody of God based on the erroneous assumption that the Turkish people are descendants of the ancient Edomites.

Gerald Flurry has a personal article which shamelessly labels the recent victories against the criminal network known as ISIL as a defeat for the United States and a victory for Iran. This is done to promote his claim to be able to see the future since he has taught that Iran is the King of the South since 1994. This prediction gives PCG's 1% a strong motive to vilify Iran as much as possible to glorify their leader as one who can see the future. Widespread concern about the criminal network known as ISIL makes this harder to do. How easy it is for Flurry to shamefully downplay the frightfulness of the criminal network called ISIL when he has never had to flee his home or see his homeland get shattered by an armed insurgency. This is a particularly disgraceful article.

Stephen Flurry has an article saying that the world is becoming dominated by authoritarian strongmen. PCG's writers complain about those they label as authoritarian strongmen and yet their own leader, Gerald Flurry, boasts of implementing "one-man rule" within PCG.

Richard Palmer has an article discussing the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. PCG teaches that in the future a European Empire led by Germany will conquer the United States and take Americans as slave labor back with them to Europe in the days just before Christ's return.

Jeremiah Jacques has articles about the leaders of China, Russia, Japan and the Philippines. Even though Japan has been closely allied to the United States since the end of World War II PCG's leadership continues to portray Japan as a threat to their predominantly American audience.

Brent Nagtegaal has a little article about the president of Turkey.

Anthony Chibarirwe has an article about the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

The Infographic discusses methods of politicians gaining a large amount of power over their nations.

Brad Macdonald and Joel Hilliker has an article insisting that the sexual harassment currently being exposed after the revelations concerning Harvey Weinstein is because people are not living their lives in accordance with PCG's teachings. This seems rather unhelpful considering how widespread this problem is within society, including churches.

Andrew Müller has an article condemning far left protesters labelled Antifa, crudely linking them to German Communists of Weimar Germany who opposed the Nazis.

Christopher Eames has an article insisting that Abraham was a genius in astronomy and mathematics citing Josephus and Philo of Alexandria overlooking the issue that Genesis, which was written centuries before the time of these individuals, said nothing about these alleged events. That indicates that these are legends that arose after Genesis.

Gerald Flurry has an article saying that science cannot help humanity solve its problems.

Joel Hilliker has an article calling for children to obey their parents.

WorldWatch mentions commemorations for the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation to scare monger about ecumenicism; the State of Israel's purchase of submarines from Germany; al-Shabaab's terrorist bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia which killed 512 people on October 14, 2017; a claim that Osama bin Laden worked with Iran; an ISIL sympathizer's terrorist attack in New York which killed eight people on October 31, 2017; an Iranian proposal to stop using the US dollar for transactions involving oil; China further building up artificial islands in the South China Sea; and restoration of full diplomatic relations between China and South Korea.

SocietyWatch mentions scare mongering about social security running out of money in 2036 (which could be easily solved by just making more than the first $100,000 of income applicable to paying into Social Security); scare mongering that young people are becoming witches; that deaths from drug overdoses have tripled since 1999 in the United States; and scare mongering that doctors in Britain are being encouraged to make children change genders as part of PCG's denigration of transgender people.

Andrew Müller has an article praising PCG's God as the true and righteous strongman who must be followed by PCG's followers.

There are letters. One letter implies that PCG has the only media outlet worth listening to.
There is a great comfort with the Trumpet, when everything else is empty.
One letter from North Carolina boasts of knowing PCG's dogmas while the rest of the world knows not.
Yes, the good thing is, we are all still here. The bad thing is, the world is in confusion and will continue to publish garbage based on the imagination of man’s heart. The brilliant thing is that God has blessed our eyes and ears to receive the truth grounded in the sure Word of God. I am so consumed by all the excellent articles and broadcasting on the Trumpet.
One letter from Rarotonga, Cook Islands seems to indicate agreement with PCG's negativity towards the well known phenomenon of climate change caused by human activity.
I sincerely thank you for the two Philadelphia Trumpet magazines, August and September 2017, which I received today. I was extremely interested in the article in the August issue on the subject of climate change. This has been a major worldwide topic that I have tried to follow over several years, and I have to say I agree with you 100 percent on what you say.
One letter from California compliments them on their illustrated covers. Back in 2012 PCG's strongman leader, Gerald Flurry, authorized the creation of an art department.
The cover designs to the Trumpet magazine are top-notch and always interesting to look at. The articles are well written, and Stephen Flurry’s Principles of Living articles are an inspirational read.
And so we see that PCG's 1% has produced yet another issue of their recruitment magazine to gain more tithes paying converts and to keep their followers in awe of them as being able to see the future. However since its founding in 1989 PCG has made at least 52 failed predictions. But despite such a poor record of predictions their talk of doom and gloom has gone well for PCG's leadership. Back in 2012 PCG had an income of about $19.5 million according to a booklet by their leader, Gerald Flurry. Even as early as 1996 PCG claimed to have more than $5 million in annual income. Recently PCG has even bought its own plane. But PCG's many failed predictions clearly reveal that PCG's leaders are but false prophets. There is no need to fear their dire proclamations. PCG's leaders are but false prophets.

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