Thursday, December 21, 2017

PCG's Ron Fraser: Abortion Makes Americans Just Like Germans During the Holocaust (1998)

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PCG teaches that a German led European force, which is often compared with Nazi Germany, will conquer the United States and take Americans as slave labor back with them to Europe. PCG promise its members that they can escape this fate by pleasing their God and as a consequence of which be allowed to flee to a place of safety, often assumed to be Petra, Jordan.

But one of PCG's leaders, the late Ron Fraser, seemed to think that Americans are just like Nazis because of legalized abortion. (Ron Fraser, Killing Off America, The Philadelphia Trumpet, July 1998, p. 29.)
Since the infamous 1973 Roe vs. Wade case which set the precedent for legalized abortion in the United States, the U.S. has slaughtered over 31 million of its regenerative population—in the womb! Without this legalized slaughter of human life, the U.S. population would be close to 12 percent greater than it is today. This is America’s lost generation! The Supreme Court decision which effectively legalized abortion in the United States has resulted in a genocide of American lives far in excess of all those poor souls who have fallen victim to “ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans and Africa. Indeed, the figure is more comparable to the number of deaths for which Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung were responsible.
Ironically Stalin banned abortion.

According to Ron Fraser Americans today are just like the Germans during World War II who looked the other way during the Holocaust in which the Nazi regime murdered about six million Jews.
Increasingly we see the insidious influence of the social engineers which turned the established family culture of America upside down, in the ’60s and ’70s in particular. America’s mind has been closed to the horror of mass slaughter taking place within the collective national womb. Publishers and editors ban the use of the phrase “unborn child,” preferring instead the sanitized term “fetus.” The press at large maintains either a deliberate or ignorant silence. This has bred a collective national conscience largely ignorant of the fact of modern abortion. Yet, subconsciously, the average American knows that something dreadful is extant, even as the average German during World War II feigned ignorance to the holocaust, yet in their heart knew that something dreadful was going on amongst them on a massive scale.
Do the men in PCG realize that Fraser here compared the women in their lives who happened to have had abortions, their mothers, their sisters, their wives, as being like Nazis?


  1. Whatever side one chooses to support. It is an interesting phenomenon that the human mind is able to support the most vile of opinions when words or topics or acts are framed and reframed in different words.

    Somehow when the Nazis renamed their dead victims "Puppen" (puppets) it became more bearable to execute their politics.

    As they say. One terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

    History is written by the winners.

    It is also easier to speak about "the third world" or "developing countries" while disabling complete nations to trade by raising trade tariffs or bariers while depleting them of their assets by having our multinationals and special forces supporting evil regimes on daily basis so that our cell phone can be sold for 30 times the cost while evading tax in tax havens.

    Ah words.
    I am not condemning women who are seeking solutions for an acquired "problem." But as a society we should not adapt as quicly as we do to any narrative that is offered to us by social engineers feeding politicians.


  2. "The Fraze" has borrowed this rhetoric from Evangelicals. It's not original with him, and it's not particularly insightful. He is a parrot imitating an echo.

    Now, what's true is that the American economy has needed all of those 31 million aborted ones, and probably more, just to meet its needs for normal healthy growth. Thirty one million people taken out of the economy by any other means, such as a runaway epidemic for example, would have radically stifled economic growth over the past several decades. That being unacceptable, how was disaster averted? There was much winking and nodding amongst politicians and captains of industry as people were encouraged to come in from outside the system, both legally and illegally.

    I love diversity and the opportunities for cultural enrichment which it brings. However, for those who dislike immigrants, we must acknowledge that the upswing in immigration was hugely influenced by the legalization of and ease in obtaining abortions. Groups such as Planned Parenthood, back in the '60s, made zero population growth one of their goals to combat overpopulation on planet Earth. This goal was even supported by groups with related interests such as the Sierra Club. These folks were all somewhat naive, and most definitely not chess players. Their plan would only have worked if every last nation on the planet had participated. For the most part, the nations which did not participate in zero population growth have ended up supplying the workers for our ever-growing economy, which has a voracious appetite for workers.


  3. Impact on the workforce is an interesting angle. I have here a mckinsey report. ( estimating that automation will take out one fifth of the global workforce or 800 million jobs.

    I wonder what happens to the movement of liberal thinkers when AI is going to advice policy makers based on the facts and issues a decree that only select women (algorythms based on objective gene pool paradigms and population control) are to have off spring.

    I guess a liberal movement will then declare the freedom and objective for all non genetically engineered people to have as many of spring as possible.

    The value of non engineered real people will only be realized when the robot takes over, since they are too rational by nature.


    1. One of our business partners is into robotics, bigtime. They're testing this sort of automation in their Los Angeles facility as we speak. And, I understand that there is an advanced AI project somewhere overseas where a computer is actually able to consistently make moral judgments, and ethical decisions. Who knows where all of this will go?

      I never in my life anticipated working with the advanced technologies that I have to deal with every day in our industry. I thought the equipment we had at Ambassador Press was cutting edge. Part of my job back them was beta testing the equipment that R & D had developed. We had a reader that would sort according to zip code, and stack the PTs in batches, and automated bundle tying. 15 years later, I was selling some of the first Inkjet addressing systems which orchestrated zip-sorting as the addresses were printed on the media. Those $75,000 console model addressers were using a DR DOS operating system and printing from a mag tape, no hard drive even in the computer. Now, the finishing systems I work with are driven from laptops or touchscreen computers. There is an emerging technology called JDF (job-defined format) which will control the entire process on various machinery from graphic design, through the printing and finishing processes, keeping staff to an absolute minimum. We've got UV coaters that use inkjet heads to isolate the UV coating to select images, giving a raised high gloss finish perhaps to the image of a tiger on a poster. If people have problems on other blogs understanding our discussions of basic relativity, imagine how their minds and world views would be boggled by this sort of technology.

      At AC Press in the '70s, we were exceeding the hourly production attainable by professional mailhouses when we addressed 18,000 magazines per hour. Now, I've got customers addressing 45,000 cards per hour with UV cured inks so that the address and intelligent barcode are cured and smear-proof by the time they hit the conveyor belt.

      Either some of the existential threats that are being watched are going to take us back into the stone age, or we're going to find ourselves in a setting much like Star Trek, and sooner than we think. A freaky coin toss could decide which scenario unfolds.