Monday, September 21, 2009

COG Reading List

Here are some book from Amazon about WCG/Armstrongism. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Survivors' Testimonies:

Showdown at Big Sandy by Greg Doudna

On Angels Wings by Patricia Ann Laessig

The God that Prevailed by Dennis Gerard Embo

Flying Free by John Morgan

Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web by David Robinson

Critiques of Armstrongism

Herbert W. Armstrong & the Worldwide Church of God by Walter Martin

Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God: A Critical Examination by Roger T. Campbell

The Plain Truth-The Worldwide Church of God: What do they believe? by Val Waldeck

Other resources may be acquired through Exit and Support Network's Booklist.


Another Gospel by Ruth Tucker
I have included this book because I think that it was during the writing of this book that WCG first made contact with the author and so began her relationship as essentially a lobbyist for WCG.

Transformed by Truth by Joseph Tkach, Jr.
Tkach Jr.'s account of the transformation. Viewable at WCG's website here.

Discovering the Plain Truth by Larry A. Nichols and George Mather
Another Evangelical hagiography about the transformation.

The Liberation of the Worldwide Church of God by J. Mike Feazell
Mike Feazell's account of the transformation.


God's End Time Man by Joseph P. Waitz
As though HWA's unreliable Autobiography was not enough, here comes another hagiography of HWA.

The Essential Teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong by Stephen Boston


Raising the Ruins by Stephen Flurry
Please be aware there are many problems with this book, which are detailed elsewhere on this blog. This cannot be regarded as a reliable book. Please see the relevant blogs to see why.


Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions by David V. Barrett (1996). This book has a section on WCG.

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