Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meredith Speaks (And Wants More Money)

Before we start the main topic I wish to say here that my thoughts are with the people of Samoa during the dark time they are suffering. I also wish to highlight the suffering of the people of Guinea in which a protest has been violently suppressed with much lost of life. My thoughts are with you.

And now onto the main topic:

Meredith is at it again calling upon his followers for more money.

In the September 17, 2009 Weekly Update LCG's Roderick C. Meredith wrote some words within this Weekly Update.
Unusual prophetic fulfillments are certainly taking place on almost a daily basis as the “pieces of the puzzle” begin to come together before Christ’s return to this earth. It is certainly exciting and motivating to see this.
He has been saying these alarmist statements for fifty years. In all that time Jesus was said to return within 20-25 years, first 1975, then 2005, it just never ends.
As I said in the co-worker letter, I came to Ambassador College sixty years ago this month. So I have been in God’s Work now—counting my student days and student employment at the college—for just over sixty years.
There's some more of the inane COG numerology that is so prevalent in this movement.
God has continued to bless this Work in spite of the terrible recession our nations have undergone. We have had more calls from prospective members, more TV responses, a higher growth rate for Church membership than in many years, and many other blessings. We thank God for this!
Alas, that is perfectly predictable. In times of crisis, in which we are in, people naturally try to find answers because of the trials they are undergoing. I remember reading somewhere of how membership growth rates for the Jehovah's Witnesses' mind control cult have declined since around 1998, with the exception of a brief growth spurt in 2001-2, most likely caused by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This page is relevant to that topic. It is no surprise to me that the financial crisis should have such an effect upon those who have taken an interest in LCG's teachings.

After that comes the begging for money. (Green emphasis is mine.)
Yet, mainly because of the recession—which is now ending—the Work of Christ is experiencing a very “tight” financial condition. Though we have budgeted 5.3 percent increase in income for this year—and deeply need this in order to sustain our current programs—our current income is only running about two percent increase year-to-date. So unless we receive truly generous Feast offerings this year we will have to make more cuts in our television stations and other parts of the Work. But, in all honesty, we have tried to run a “lean” operation and do not have any extravagance that I am aware of. So we do deeply need the prayers of all of God’s people and their sacrificial offerings in the weeks to come!
Therefore, please announce this to the brethren and tell them of the unusual need at this time. Let them know that as they come to worship God and picture Tomorrow’s World at the Feast of Tabernacles, they should think of these coming Feast offerings at Trumpets, Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles in that context. This is worshiping our Creator and being truly thankful that most of us in the western world still have far more material wealth and “things” than the vast majority of mankind. Even though some of us, at times, think that we are “giving until it hurts” we do not even begin to commence to have the “hurt” others have in less fortunate circumstances. So encourage everyone to be generous—though we do not want any of our widows or less fortunate people to put themselves into financial hardship because of this.

Also, brethren, as Mr. Armstrong stated a number of times, we do want the brethren to know that it is all right to give any of their “excess” second tithe as Feast offerings—especially as part of the final Feast offering on the Last Great Day. A number of people have actually “enjoyed” this opportunity to give of their substance to the Work—knowing that they did not need to use it all up during the Feast of Tabernacles.
"Unusual need"? What about December last year when Meredith also made a similar appeal for money during the Christmas season in the December 18, 2008 Weekly Update. And who could forget all the times Elijah begged for money in countless 'financial crises' over fifty years. There is nothing unusual about this begging.

He tells them that this is "worshiping our Creator". His followers are told to "be generous" even though they already pay three tithes.

Furthermore he tries to make his followers feel as though they should be happy giving away money. That is simply a mind control method done to make people feel happy when they give money to LCG, who don't realize they are simply following Meredith's orders. The happiness they feel at giving away money is an implanted perception.

He calls upon members to send the excess Second Tithe to "the Work." I recall at least one blogger relating how WCG also called upon him to send the excess Second Tithe to "the Work" and he would, not but instead spent it on his family.

He makes the obligatory calls for those struggling not having to pay, as HWA did. This is done to hide the exploitative nature of this call for more money and sweeten this crass call for money.

So we see that Meredith and Co. continue to follow HWA's exploitation of their devotees. They have not changed or repented of this exploitative behaviour.

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  1. I think the most hilarious (and sad) part of his letter is that he says the recession is "now ending." Um, what? He's obviously just listing to the mainstream media BS and hasn't looked at the unemployment rate lately (or the national debt). I feel very sorry for the people who send in lots of money thinking that the recession is now ending, and then they lose their job.