Monday, September 14, 2009

Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions

Recently I found this book: Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions by David V. Barrett (1996). This book has a section on WCG.

Its section is about thirteen pages long as this was written during the 'transformation'. It discusses the falling out between Herbert and Garner Ted and points out that Plain Truth readers would had have no idea of the scandals that plagued WCG in the 1970s.

Curiously it states that the circulation of the Plain Truth at its height in the 1980s was only 5 million, rather than the figure of 8 million, which is more regularly reported.


  1. The 2nd edition of David's book, "The New Believers," is much expanded, and zooms in on the WCG in the final section. David is currently completing his PhD thesis on WCG, and it will hopefully be published in book form. If you search the AW blog under "Barrett" you'll find his name crops up quite a lot.

  2. Thanks for that info. I did not realize who the author of this book was when I found it quite by chance.