Monday, September 7, 2009

Why HWA was "Uncertain" in The Wonderful World Tomorrow Book

Ambassador Watch has reported that ABC Radio (Australia) has released a radio program and more chronicling Denis Michael Rohan's infamous attempt to burn down Al Aqsa Mosque. All that looks very good and intriguing.

Mr. Rumney mentioned Scott Lupo's paper concerning HWA's book, The Wonderful World Tomorrow. In that paper Mr. Lupo mentioned that "Armstrong admitted that he was not sure" about the roles which prominent saints would have in the World Tomorrow (Page 6, paragraph 2).

I made a comment in that post on this matter which I wish to share on this blog.

Wow. Good on ABC for choosing to tell this story.

In Scott Lupo's paper it is stated that HWA admitted that he did not know for certain what the roles of the various prominent saints would be in the World Tomorrow.

For what it's worth, I heard Meredith say in a sermon that HWA initially wanted to say with certainty that Noah, Daniel, etc. "will" (not "might") fulfill the roles HWA assigned to them. But Meredith persuaded him not to that.

Meredith said something like this. I do not have an exact quote of what he said, he said it in a sermon long ago (2000/1 maybe even 2002), which will be long gone as LCG's website's sermons only go back to 2005. This is the story Meredith told HWA as best as I recall.

"Imagine if God talked to you and said "Wow, You're right. You figured it all out. Now I hate to say it but you've filled up all the required positions so well, the only position I have left for you is that of a doorkeeper.""

After HWA heard this little story HWA decided to say "might" not "will." That is why HWA did that.

Now some may question whether we can trust Meredith in this matter. I do not know. But I do know that he did tell his followers this story.

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