Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

9/11 has come again. I'm sure everyone remembers that terrible day.

One thing I wish to share here is that just before this event occurred I was reading one of Meredith's LCG recruitment booklets. I was re-reading it again while watching TV when quite by chance I saw those terrible events on TV. I could not believe at first but once I started to believe what I were seeing I just watched the news for a long time. I had seen the images of those events before the second plane hit. Our hearts sank as those events unfolded.

Naturally this only further convinced that Meredith and Co. were right about their prophetic framework. As related ealier I got myself a subscription to PCG's recruitment magazine because of this. No doubt others had similar feelings. But I was then unaware that they are false prophets as is clearly shown by their many failed prophecies. 1975 was only the most prominent failed prophecy. There are many others.

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  1. To this day, I keep waiting for WCG spinoffs to apologize for 9/11/01.

    Not that they were responsible for it -- but for telling me for decades that Europe was going to attack the U.S. The unification would come "so fast it will make your head spin!" at least one minister claimed.

    The apology still hasn't happened -- and COG's have yet to really explain to me which Bible prophecy about "Israel" they missed, which must have been fulfilled on that day.