Tuesday, September 1, 2009

LCG moves onto Social Networking Sites

Remember how persons within UCG suggested ways for members to use the Internet to spread their messages and gain more converts? Now LCG is promoting the same practice.

In its August 27, 2009 weekly update it is suggested that LCG members use their blogs or Facebook or Twitter accounts to link to LCG materials to spread LCG's messages.

I wonder if anyone will mention the Three Tithes which are so carefully hidden by the LCG hierarchy from prospective members?


  1. Redfox,
    the three tithes are covered in a two page spread of a publication which practically every prospective member is encouraged to read. They are NOT carefully hidden.

  2. Paris,

    Once again I would love to know what this document precisely is.

    However I am persuaded that LCG does hide these extra tithes from potential converts in a misleading manner.

    My reasons for this belief may be seen in a previous comment of mine.

  3. This post is mentioned by Mike in his False Prophet Ronald Weinland blog in this post. There he discusses Weinland banning his slaves from Facebook.

    Thanks Mike.