Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is There a Holydays Fear in the COGs?

In the same way that Mr. Gavin Rumney asked questions recently imitating a UCG blog, I have a question for you readers.

I have this suspicion that some within the COGs have this fear that Satan will tend to strike at them during the Fall (or any other) Holy Days. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

The reason I believe this is because of these various things.

I recall watching a sermon by Meredith once and he said that Satan likes to strike at 'God's people' during the Holydays.

I also recall once reading a little COG website which focused on spreading HWA's infamous and harmful views on medicine. (I wonder whatever happened to him? I hope he is all right.) He stated that once two ministers' wives died at one of the Fall Holy Days Feasts around 1970. He then used this event to push his hard (and erroneous) views against medicine.

Now I never went beyond calling the minister when I was an Armstrongite believer so I only have these anecdotes to base this belief on. I would love to know whether or not this is a strong belief among the COGs.


  1. It is completely true. That "Satan attacks COG members around he Holy Days" was commonly spoken about. I can't recall a single person who did not make that claim. We all had several personal examples.

    And I can't say that Satan doesn't attack the COGs more on those days. It sure seemed self-evident while I was there. But I would tend now to think it is nothing uncommon to all men. Similar claims are made in other, unrelated churches in their own circumstances. Bearing up under suffering is an integral part of Christian growth.

  2. Thank you very much for helping me to know the truth on this matter.

  3. This was mentioned by someone in my UCG congregation only two weeks ago.

    The Pastor had injured his toe somehow, and was wearing open-toed sandals during a service to stimulate healing. On top of that, a teenager in the congregation broke his collarbone days before -- and a long-time member badly cut his thumb during the week!

    So "Satan likes to cause problems right before the holy days," as one man said of it all.

    I bit my tongue -- and remembered words of the Pastor over the years that "accidents" really are due to human carelessness.

    In other years, people have pointed to Atlantic hurricanes as a sign of Satan stirring up trouble at Feast time. Yet Katrina in 2005 happened eight weeks before the Feast -- and the killer Asian tsunami happened on Boxing Day, which COG's don't keep at all.

    (You know, COG's keep putting Feast sites along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Hmmm -- is God "placing His name" in such places to see if members will pass a Fear Factor-like test?)

  4. Over this past weekend, the weekend that leads up to the Day of Atonement, my alternator died and with other repairs it cost me $200, I received two bills in excess of $100 each for an emergency room visit for my daughter a few months ago, my kitchen sink clogged completely which cost me money and time to fix (I fixed it myself), my freezer quit which ruined several hundreds of $$ in food, and a cable for my garage door snapped which could cost me over $1,000 to repair and I almost got whacked by that cable and one of the massive tension springs (NEVER mess with those springs if you don't know what you're doing).
    It would appear that Satan doesn't read my blog and isn't aware that I left the COG a year and a month ago.

    I say this to emphasize my earlier point. I think problems are common to all people. "When it rains it pours," wasn't coined by HWA. Through it all I thank God for the use of His things while I am here in this earthly tent, and praise His generous name that I had those things in the first place. Is it Satan attacking me during the Holy Days (that I no longer observe)? I donno. Either way, nothing can snatch me from God's hands, so what does it matter?