Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Yes, I KNOW These Pictures are Terrifying!"-- HWA

HWA infamously slapped onto some of his publications horrific images created by Basil Wolverton. These images were vital in scaring many people into giving their allegiance to the false prophet Herbert W. Armstrong.

This was blatant scare mongering. HWA knew it as well.

This fact is shown with the following article in the February-March, 1955, Plain Truth. In it HWA wrote an article entitled 'Yes, I KNOW these pictures are terrifying!' (pp. 3-4, 13-14).

(Warning: some of Wolverton's images may be seen on pp. 2, 5 and 12.)

He discusses the various images of Basil Wolverton that were published at the time, some of which would later be used in the 1975 in Prophecy booklet.

The first paragraph reads as follows:

"These pictures are revolting--horrifying!--yes, I know! I know that some don't like to look at them."

He then justifies using these images insisting that they portray events which are really going to happen by 1975.

HWA writes of their "almost living REALISM--in all their literal horror."

"They picture the realism of what's coming as mere words could never do. They have made many tens of thousands really SEE what's coming on the world. It isn't pretty. It isn't pleasant. But it's REAL--it's COMING upon an unsuspecting, heedless world

CRY ALOUD! I do not spare you--I tell you the TRUTH with all the power God gives me.

These pictures are not pleasing, soothing. They do not whisper weakly--they CRY ALOUD--they boldly THUNDER at you the TRUTH as God requires that His servants shout it to the whole world. They are POWERFUL pictures! They proclaim the Gospel and God's warning in tremendous POWER! "

This shows that HWA knew very well what he was doing when he unleashed Wolverton's grotesque drawings used in 1975 in Prophecy. He knew exactly what he was doing. Spreading fear inducing images producing horror in readers that would entrap them into the exploitative grip of HWA's mind control cult.

HWA knew exactly what he was doing. This article is one brazen manifestation of his ruthless exploitation of people. This was a coldly calculated, premeditated act to extort three tithes from deceived people on the false premise that a man (who said Christ would return in 1936 and that Mussolini then Hitler was the Beast) was working with God when God could never had worked with such a man.

All this is further evidence that HWA was truly an evil man. A sorry excuse for a human being. Such must be the verdict of the evidence left by history.

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