Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Tragic Report Regarding RCG

Just saw this horrifying report from Banned by HWA.

Restored Church of God Abuse Contributes To Suicide

The following is highlighted at Banned by HWA.
I have had several dear dear friends completely ruined by this church. One eventually committed suicide because they had nothing at the end. The church took everything from them, demanded more and provided no support, no help, no love, and was only interested in deconstructing them and turning them into something I could not even recognize any more. One dear sweet lady is now convinced that she betrayed God and is just a tortured soul who will likely never again know any sort of hope or peace with God. 
This tragic testimony is from a comment at Networks of Doom, which was posted June 20.

At present it is impossible to know what precisely happened but it must be said that Armstrongism has always left behind a trail of ruined lives, not least due to the severe triple tithing impoverishing COG members, neglect of medical treatment due to HWA's anti-medicine superstition, disfellowshipping of ex-members, etc. Sometimes these abuses even lead to death, in this instance suicide. The baneful influence of Armstrongism continues to wreck peoples' lives in striving to maintain their system of exploitation of COG members.

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