Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Overview of the Last Two Tomorrow's World Magazines

Here is an overview of some of the articles published in the two issues of LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World.

July-August 2013:

The Preface is written by Richard Ames.

Meredith is back condemning homosexuality again. His article has a chart on page 6 saying homosexual intercourse reduces your lifespan by twenty years and is more harmful to your physical health then obesity, smoking tobacco, alcoholism, or addiction to heroin.

Building on that theme James Ginn writes a little article bewailing the acceptance gays have in Canada and claiming this will lead to national disgrace and the breaking of its pride.

Richard Ames promises that you can be a God being in the God Family in the afterlife if you just follow LCG's rules.

Dexter Wakefield has an article about Machiavelli's book, The Prince.

John Meakin writes about Margaret Thatcher.

September-October 2013:

Wow! Meredith's really ticked off at the gays at the moment. His preface is once again about condemning homosexuality, and Atheists being too pushy for his liking. As evidence he cites an article from a Russian newspaper which states "The US is broke". Then where is President Obama getting the money to threaten to attack Assad's murderous regime? What nonsense.

He also has an article about China. Although LCG follows HWA's dogma that Europe will destroy America every now and then LCG will publish an article insinuating that China is a threat to the US and telling LCG members to be afraid of China.

Intriguingly he mentions Robert Kuhn in this article, quoting an article of his. The unsuspecting reader will have no idea that Robert Kuhn used to be an extremely important official within HWA's WCG. I am also under the impression that he was the man who devised the doctrine of the spirit in man, a supposed spiritual essence said to empower the human brain to operate at a level of magnitude greater than those of animals. What a way to treat a former colleague, Meredith. 

Rod McNair has an article about pornography and calls for LCG members to stay away from such things. LCG so loves talking about the kinds of sex one is not supposed to do.

Wallace Smith asks if commemorating the International Day of Peace can make a difference in our suffering world?

Many things cannot be known but one thing I do know is the International Day of Peace will make far more difference to the world than paying LCG three tithes and paying it to indoctrinate other people to make up for the many members within LCG who will leave that bastion of tyranny.

Stuart Wachowicz has an article on beavers praising their industriousness.

Sheldon Monson also writes about learning from mistakes.

Adam West has an article about Pompeii and insisting that Britain will endure a catastrophe such as that. It is your typical fear inducing false prophecy that LCG loves to propagate among the unsuspecting.

Douglas Winnail writes about the EU claiming it will soon turn into a Beast power to destroy America. He also speculates that a monarch might assume power within Europe and mentions the late Otto von Hapsburg and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. How much like their former devote Bob Thiel.

These magazines are yet another regurgitation of HWA's destructive and fear inducing doctrines.

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  1. He who writes about sex and condemns it (homo or otherwise) is one who is fighting the pull. Then there is the porno.

    It is worth asking, "Is there something going on here behind the scenes we don't know about?"