Sunday, September 1, 2013

PCG Whines that Catholic Church Calls Itself "Church of God"

PCG's Ron Fraser the mental health science hater, has just posted an article denouncing the Papacy for calling the Roman Catholic Church the "Church of God" in its rite of baptism.
Pope Benedict’s textual change to the Roman Catholic rite of baptism clearly is in direct line with his assertion that the Roman Catholic Church is the only one true church as founded by Jesus Christ. 
How dare the Great Whore of Babylon refer to herself with the same name that God gave to "God's Church", this Ron Fraser whines.

HWA taught that the true church had a name, the "Church of God", and true Christians would always refer to themselves with this name. 

Recently I read Bruce Renehan's book Daughter of Babylon and I mentioned that one of its findings was that Catholic authors in the Middle Ages often referred to themselves as the "Church of God".

Mr. Renehan also discovered that the name Church of God was only adopted in 1884 by the Church of God (Seventh Day) during a democratic conference. Before then they used other names.

Ron Fraser is merely seeking to continue HWA's work of deception by inciting resentment among PCG members that the Roman Catholic Church is stealing "their" name.

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