Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Legalistic Insanity of James Malm

I saw this Banned by HWA post which exposes several things about James Malm, that he commands Christians are to be circumcised, he bizarrely says circumsicion symbolizes the last great day, and he spreads baseless anti-vaccine rumors.

James Malm says Christians are commended to

How can James Malm, who claims to be a Christian, contradict what is written in Acts 15 and insist that male children must be circumcised on the eighth day?

According to Acts 15 the early Christians argued over whether male gentile converts needed to be circumcised. The church leadership said they did not have to.

James Malm is plainly contradicting what the Apostolic church did. He claims to be a Christian who understands the Bible but he has willfully chosen to ignore it on this issue.

How can he then say, "We are commanded to circumcise our sons on the eighth day of their life."

Christians are not so commanded. Malm is completely wrong on this matter.

Circumcision pictures the Eighth Day Feast
Does not! Malm is just making stuff up now. He might be sincere but he is totally wrong.

One should never allow the child to be artificially immunized by physicians since this is known to cause autism and a variety of other issues like SIDS
That is nonsense. Dangerous nonsense. Two children in Britain died of measles recently because their parents were scared due to this sort of fear mongering.

Malm cites an article which perpetuates the false claims, judged fraudulent by the British Medical Journal, started up by one Andrew Wakefield who published a paper claiming MMR vaccine caused autism. Subsequent research showed he was wrong.

But tragically it caused vaccine rates to plummet in Britain with two confirmed deaths caused by measles because of the scaremongers.

Notice what else is written in the wikipedia article.
In Japan, the MMR vaccination has been discontinued, with single vaccines being used for each disease. Rates of autism diagnosis have continued to increase, showing no correlation with the change.
Once again showing that the rumor is total nonsense.

So many people have suffered and even died because of Herbert W. Armstrong's anti-medicine superstition. Children will, not might will, suffer needlessly because of Malm's bizarre superstitions.

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