Saturday, September 28, 2013

James Malm's Burdensome Sabbath

Banned by HWA has a post up detailing how one Malmite follower is finding following the strict rules set down by James Malm to be a burden.
I have been reading your writings. I no longer go to restaurants on the Sabbath or “get out of the house ”

My question is this. During back to back Sabbaths, one can read so much, study so much and listen to sermons so much. How can we pass the time and still keep the Sabbath holy. The Sabbath has become more of a burden & endurance rather than joy. Eating warmed up & cold foods has left me weak with blood sugar levels unstable. This has caused me to not feel well all day long and my spiritual condition has been suffering. ” and Not man for the Sabbath.”

This is not a leading question with an agenda. I really grapple with this. Your help would be deeply appreciated. 
This is the perfectly predictable result of the legalistic rules and regulations James Malm has imposed upon his followers. It is tragic that some people take his words so seriously that they are willing to ruin their lives for him.

This is very similar to my own experience with Armstrongism's Sabbath and what Meredith taught me about it. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the many, many others who actually joined an Armstrongite group.

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