Sunday, September 1, 2013

HWA's Alleged Conspiracy Against the Family

HWA wrote an article entitled, The Conspiracy Against the Family.

It is a very short article alleging that...
Unrealized by most, there is a widespread and aggressive conspiracy to destroy the institution of marriage.
He is quite vague as to who is behind this conspiracy.
The conspiracy consists of a two-pronged attack: 1) a well-organized movement to subtly influence college students to prefer alternatives to marriage, and 2) an attempt to influence the general public by newspaper and magazine articles, television programs, the lecture platform, the women’s lib movement and student or former student rebels of the "New Left." How much of all this propaganda has been planted in the minds of the psychologists, professors, writers, publishers, women’s lib crusaders and others by trained propagandists can only be estimated.

There are publishers that seek out writers and authors to supply them with material offering alternatives to marriage - such as homosexuality, group marriages, sex outside of marriage, communal families - ...
Who are these "propagandists"? This article is very confusing and vague.

HWA naturally takes a pot shot at "higher education" for helping to cause this crisis.
Today virtually every college and university in the United States offers numerous courses in psychology and sociology. These courses often make required reading of certain books and articles that picture marriage as now outdated and soon to become a relic of the past.
Wow! How horrifying! Teachers trying to get their students to investigate and study a wide range of opinions and viewpoints so that they will reach their own conclusions.

Of course students should only be told what they are supposed to think and feel as decided by "God's Church".

One would expect HWA to blame Satan at some point but he does not do so in the short article. No doubt he would say that elsewhere.

What a superficial and useless article. That was not very enlightening, except to see how bad a writer HWA could be at times.

Also the name of HWA's article is very similar to PCG's little booklet, Conspiracy Against Fatherhood, first published in 1999 and written by PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry.

At first glance you may think this booklet denounces the high rate of divorce among Western societies, but actually it goes all over the place, denouncing evolution, then using that to discredit academic authorities as deceived by Satan, then says they are doomed to endure the Great Tribulation for their sins, and in contrast Flurry then presents HWA's doctrine of the God Family as the great truth the world is blind to. (The God Family doctrine is quite similar to Mormonism.)

 But Flurry's booklet is still vague and confusing like HWA.

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