Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When HWA Brought an £11,000 Rolls-Royce in 1962

I have read all too often of how WCG members sacrificed and gave so much money to HWA because they thought they were serving God and saving themselves from the invading Germans.

While they sacrificed HWA did this.
The most costly nonspecialty automobile is the Rolls-Royce. In early 1962 I bought one in London. I was spending probably more time in England then, because of the English campus of Ambassador College, than at Pasadena.

I paid £11,000 for it. Extravagance? Perhaps some thought so, but it was the least expensive car I ever owned. Now, after using it for nearly 20 years, I sold it for £14,000.

Most people seem to think whatever costs less is the better value. That is not true of material goods, nor of spiritual values. I have always believed in conscientious quality, whether in material commodities or character values. 
This is from HWA's article, Most Costly is Cheapest.

Of course this is the real reason HWA devised his own religion. He was making money. That is what WCG was, a big money making scheme designed to make money for one Herbert W. Armstrong. That is why he gets the Rolls-Royce, while lowly WCG members are left with nothing but a trail of broken dreams.

Later HWA uses the article to justify building Ambassador Auditorium. Left unstated is that his extravagant spending in building Ambassador Auditorium and in visiting world leaders was a major reason for the turmoils of the 1970s. HWA and his ilk blamed a bunch of 'liberals', claiming they were trying to water down doctrine and that their presence within WCG was an offense to God and the cause of their problems. That is nonsense. That is crass scapegoating.

HWA's corruption was the problem. The so-called 'Liberals' were trying to solve these problems but incurred HWA's vindictive and cruel wrath by being disfellowshipped. 

Oh! How good it is to be free.

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