Sunday, September 1, 2013

PCG Says Race War is Coming and Blames African Americans

PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article, Battle Cry for a Race War, which, quite disturbingly to me, seems to be telling to white people to be scared of black men.

Let me show you what I mean.

First he cites two instances of black men murdering whites and then says...
these murders are only the tiniest taste of the racial violence about to flood America. This reality became more ominously believable with another report this week—in many ways more chilling than those two murders.
What could be worse two separate murders?

Joel Hilliker then spends most of the article discussing Ayo Kimathi, a man with extremist views, who uses wild and hateful rhetoric denouncing whites and calling upon blacks to rise up in a race war.

The fact that this Ayo Kimathi, one man, is employed by the Department of Homeland Security is cynically used by Joel Hilliker to make PCG members fearful of the DHS and implies there is some sort of wicked conspiracy within the DHS. He seems uncertain whether it is run by blacks or whites.
Wouldn’t a God-given mandate to establish black supremacy by murdering whites [which Ayo Kimathi advocates] be a conflict of interest for a DHS employee?
Why would such an individual even seek out a job in Homeland Security? What is his real intent? 

And why would DHS employ someone who thinks this way, and pretend like such incitement is acceptable? Is this simply a matter of political correctness run amok—officials who have come to accept the notion that “black racism” is an oxymoron? Or is there something more sinister at play?
What is Joel Hilliker implying? Who knows? Joel Hilliker seems to be implying there is some sort of conspiracy within the DHS. Is it black extremists? It is black extremists working with politically correct white leftists? Does he even care whether the conspiracy is run by blacks or whites?

It is easy to mock such vague rhetoric but these fearful statement are cynically used to make PCG members fearful and keep them isolated from society.

This Ayo Kimathi obviously holds some crazy and delusional views. But how is this "more chilling" then actual murders? I fail to see why this is. I am sure if one looked at any governmental department closely enough you would find people with crazy views everywhere.

I remember when reading about the Civil Rights Movement they would often say the police officers often worked hand in hand with white supremacists like the Ku Klux Klan to suppress African Americans' attempt to gain equality.

Joel Hilliker then ends with this "comforting" thought.
As evidence like this mounts, the inevitability of devastating racial violence engulfing the nation becomes more plain.
Race war is coming, PCG seems to be saying.

I am disturbed by how Hilliker makes no attempt in this article to say that only a very few African Americans hold extremists views. He does mention that Ayo Kimathi's website has very few viewers but he then immediately argues that we should be scared and implies this extremist individual is evidence "devastating racial violence" is about to "flood America".

This is no appeal to people to not live in fear.

There is also no mention about how the severe and terrible historical injustices African Americans have been forced to endure in the past has caused a very few number of them to adopt these destructive views and the vast majority do not share these terrible views.

Of course he wants PCG members scared the DHS are coming after them so that they will be unable to band together and resist the tyranny of PCG's so called ministers.

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  1. Seeing how it would be an anomaly for the Acog's to have a black as a member, it makes sense to use racism to keep the money in the seats every sabbath.

    Racism is the tool that keeps them feeling special. To keep those seats warm and filled, the Acog's needs enemies. Enemies stoke the mentality "its us vs. them"

    Cults like 6-packs often try to equate critical questions and comments they write or speak of with hatred, bigotry, bias, prejudice, and unfairness.

    Flurry and his ilk have contempt for the members intellect because critical and analytical thought is very much a threat to his authoritarian regime and the survival of his money making mind control religious cult.