Friday, May 1, 2015

David Privratzky's Article for PCG

Last year we in the COG blogosphere were all saddened to learn of the death by suicide of Janet De Gennaro, a PCG member in Chicago who originated from Canada.

It was revealed that she had been ordered to have no contact with her family and this caused a lot of discussion regarding Gerald Flurry's draconian no contact policy enforced upon ex-members and "Laodiceans". (In PCG's jargon "Laodicean" refers to the members of any other COG group besides PCG.) This monstrous policy has been in force since 2000.

Her husband was one David Privratzky. Her father later  that they were never legally married.

David Privratzky is clearly still within PCG. In fact on March 27, 2015, PCG's website posted an article by him.

His article briefly describes some social outing of PCG members in Chicago. 
Forty-six members of the Chicago congregation gathered at Wood Dale Lanes bowling alley for a 10-pin bowling social and pizza party on the night of January 31.
So it is clear that he is still in PCG's good graces. This terrible event might have stained his relations with PCG's leaders but they seem to have decided to keep him on their good books. They even entrusted him to write an article of this sort.

For anyone who wants to read more about this serious topic of suicide I would suggest the following:

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