Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Does PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet Alone See the Truth?

As seen in a previous post one of PCG's leaders, Andrew Hessong, wrote a letter that was published in the July 2015 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. He writes for PCG as may be seen here and here. Here is his letter.
All of this makes my blood boil! [He is writing about an article by Brad MacDonald condemning negotiations by the Obama Administration with Iran]... . This administration leaves our citizens scratching their heads and our allies in total bewilderment. It’s absolute confusion and nobody can see through it but the Trumpet. The world has been set alight in the last half-dozen years [2009-2015] and what lies ahead looks VERY ugly. 
Is this true? What does Hessong mean?

So the article Hessong mentions condemns the Obama Administration's negotiations with Iran. Apparently "nobody can see through it but the Trumpet." Really?

According to Lee Marsden in his 2008 book, For God's Sake: The Christian Right and US Foreign Policy, the main organization that rallies support for the State of Israel among Sunday keeping, (supposedly Mark of the Beast bearing) evangelical Christians is a organization named Christians United for Israel. (Marsden does not even mention PCG in his book because it is so insignificant.)

While PCG's magazine's circulation is in decline with less than 300,000 issues of The Philadelphia Trumpet in circulation Christians United for Israel have about 2,000,000 subscribers.

I wonder what Christians United for Israel have to say about those negotiations?

The following is from an open letter Christians United for Israel have produced to encourage people to oppose the current terms of the negotiations.
Make a Better Deal or Walk Away

Dear President Obama and Secretary Kerry,

I am deeply disturbed by reports about the so-called framework agreement reached with Iran in Switzerland last week. President Obama's statement that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapons capability at the end of the deal's term has only strengthened my concerns.

Your deal will send hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into Iran's coffers. As you surely know, Iran will use these funds to provide even more missiles and money to Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists. And Iran will share this wealth with Syria's Assad, the Shiite militias in Iraq, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen. You should have no doubt whatsoever that your deal will spill Israeli and Arab blood. What exactly are you getting in return?
Christians United for Israel also thinks these negotiations are terrible just like PCG. But unlike PCG they are actually trying to do something about it instead of just moaning about it.

So Andrew Hessong is wrong. Many other people also oppose these negotiations with Iran. What he said about the Trumpet being the only one to "see through" to the truth is wrong.

Possibly what Andrew Hessong really means is that PCG claims to be the one true church. But one reading Hessong's letter would not know that and most likely assume he was talking about The Philadelphia Trumpet's condemnation of negotiations with Iran. But many in fact condemn these negotiations.

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