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UCG's Reliance on WorldNetDaily

Because the other major COG groups are so authoritarian and dysfunctional UCG has tended to be viewed the sensible COG group.

I have not focused much on UCG because during my experience as a believer in Armstrongism I had little to do with UCG. Because I was never interested in UCG when I believed in Armstrongism I am not interested in UCG now even as one who woke up about Armstrongism. 

But this reputation of being sensible seems to be somewhat exaggerated as, to my surprise, they seem to be even more dependent on WorldNetDaily for information than either LCG or even PCG. In one article UCG's leaders even called it "a leading Internet news site".

And just like PCG and LCG UCG's leaders have not one bad word to say about WorldNetDaily. They seem to trust WorldNetDaily.

WorldNetDaily is far to the right when it comes to politics. The only way one could be even more right wing than WorldNetDaily is to become an actual right wing extremist. They are not just some respectable news organization. It is a far right wing organization. They are very far to the right politically speaking. You would never know this reading what UCG's leaders say about them. UCG's leaders have not one bad word to say about them. This is also true for PCG's leaders and LCG's leaders.

It amazes me that UCG's leaders seem to have no suspicious about it. They have not one bad word to say about them. UCG's leaders seem to be mesmerized by them. If they have any suspicious about it they keep such feelings very well guarded.

Some of UCG's articles are interviews with an editor of WorldNetDaily, Joe Kovacs, talking about his two books, Shocked by the Bible (2008) and The Divine Secret (2012), which actually perpetuate many of HWA's teachings. Banned by HWA reported on this fact.

The other COGs constantly compete with each other to get more tithes paying members. PCG even shuns the members of the other COG groups, demonizing them as "Laodiceans". But they all seem to get their news from the same far right organization, WorldNetDaily.

There are actually more quotations of UCG's leaders quoting WorldNetDaily but I have chosen to ignore articles made by affiliate blogs (san-jose.ucg, bible.ucg, etc.,) and focus on their main website.

Below is a collection of quotes from UCG quoting various WorldNetDaily articles. They do not express the slightest skepticism or weariness about what they quote from WorldNetDaily. This is also true for LCG and PCG.


(2000; PRNewswire; The Guardian; The Observer; Washington Post Service; “Stem Cell Research,” by Mona Charen, August 28, 2000, Creators Syndicate, Inc.) (Cecil Maranville and John Ross Schroeder, In Brief... Abortion in the News on Several Fronts, October 20, 2000.)

Arabs are understandably jealous over the amount of water possessed and used by Israel. Israel's per capita daily use of water is about 66 gallons. In Syria, the average citizen uses 50 gallons of water per day. In Lebanon, the rate is 41 gallons per day in contrast to Jordan, where the average citizen uses 25 gallons every day. In stark contrast is the consumption rate of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, where the people manage on only 20 gallons per capita per day-and their water is heavily polluted with nitrates. Sources:;, Inc.; Time, Inc. (Cecil Maranville, In Brief... Middle East: War Exercises and Water, February 1, 2001.)

Sources: Stratfor, WorldNetDaily, AP. (Cecil Maranville, Jim Tuck, John Foster and Ken Martin, In Brief... Saudi Crown Prince Cautions Islamic Leaders, January 1, 2002.)

Joseph Farah, who is the founder of and former editor of The Sacramento Union, espouses a totally different view about intimate same-sex relationships. He wrote in The Washington Times : “You see where the brave new world is heading. When the church abandons its tenets, when it refuses to recognize sin, when it glorifies immorality, when it compromises on the Word of God, when it becomes a tool of political correctness, it becomes a tool of evil. It becomes an abomination” (Weekly Edition, June 30-July 6, 2003). (John Ross Schroeder, Controversies Concerning Homosexuality Hound the Anglican Community, August 4, 2003.)

[The Washington Times is closely associated with a controversial religious group. How appropriate. - Redfox712.]

However, not “everybody” feels it's a good idea. Joseph Farah [editor of WorldNetDaily] comments: “I don't believe this would be happening now without the U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidating the anti-sodomy law in Texas. Now the homosexual activists are working at a fever pitch to transform Western civilization. Indoctrinating the next generation is an important step in that process… “Do you see where our culture is headed? Do you now understand what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was warning about in his dissent in the Texas sodomy case?” (Cecil Maranville and Jim Tuck, In Brief...World News Review: New York City Establishes Gay High School, August 6, 2003.)

But, for the most part, we have lost sight of what’s right and wrong. “As a signatory of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada is obligated to make periodic appearances before the U.N.’s Committee on Rights of the Child, which said the country should ‘adopt legislation to remove the existing authorization of the use of “reasonable force” in disciplining children,’” the National Post reported (Oct. 9, 2003, (Jean Jantzen, Does God Believe in Tough Love?, August 3, 2004.)

The study revealed that “a quarter of teen girls who said they were sexually active also said they had been depressed ‘a lot of the time' or ‘most of the time.'” In contrast, most who refrained from sexual activity were “never” or “rarely” depressed. Researchers concluded that “sexually active teens are far more likely to be depressed … than those who hold off until marriage” ( (Jerold Aust and John Ross Schroeder, World News and Trends: Teenage sex linked with serious depression, August 15, 2003.)

[I have no idea if the above quote is true. But I would never rely on WorldNetDaily to confirm such an assertion as is done above. -Redfox712.]

World Net Daily published a report saying that Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2008, indicating that international inspections have delayed the nation's nuclear capability by two years. The report "suggested that Israel may conduct an attack on Iran's nuclear facility to prevent Tehran from attaining a nuclear weapon" (July 30). (Jerold Aust and John Ross Schroeder, World News and Trends: Growing evidence of Iran's hostile intentions, October 15, 2004.)

[Ten years later we are still waiting for Iran to build a nuclear weapon. It is almost as though they actually do not want one. It has been reported that Iran's Supreme Leader made a fatwa in 2003 condemning nuclear weapons as unislamic. UCG's leaders might have to wait a long time for Iran to get nuclear weapons. - Redfox712.]

In this new translation, sex is a given, but marriage is optional, and so is the partner's gender! According to the “One” organization that produced the new Bible, it is dedicated to challenging “oppression, injustice, exclusion and discrimination” as well as accepting one another and “valuing their diversity and experience” (World Net Daily , June 24, 2004). But instead, they are changing the fundamental teachings of the Bible. (James Capo, In the News: Trashing the Truth: New Bible Translation Promotes Sin, December 4, 2004.)

“Dear Nordstrom,” she wrote, “I am an eleven-year-old girl who has tried shopping at your store for clothes (in particular jeans), but all of them ride way under my hips, and the next size up is too big and falls down.
“I see all of these girls who walk around with pants that show their belly button and underwear,” she continued. “Your clerks suggest that there is only one look. If that is true, then girls are supposed to walk around half naked. I think that you should change that” ( ). (James Capo, In the News: A Return to Modesty?, December 7, 2004.)

Also according to a report in World Net Daily, the Palestinian Authority continues to urge genocide against Israelis. One specific directive was: “Use TV broadcasts to urge killing of “brothers of the monkeys and pigs' …” (Sept. 16). This implies much more than mere distasteful rhetoric. (Jerold Aust and John Ross Schroeder, World News and Trends: Does Israel have the right to exist?, December 9, 2004.)

(Sources: Forbes ASAP, Associated Press, Reuters, WorldNetDaily.) (Jerold Aust and John Ross Schroeder, World News and Trends: United States faces growing threat from 'nuts with nukes', April 13, 2005.)

A variation of this theory appeared on WorldNetDaily, suggesting that the viral exchange may take place on a somewhat different level. “In southern provinces of China, farmers raise hens, ducks, pigs and fish in one integrated system. They use the droppings and leftover food from the pigs to feed the fowl. The fowl droppings, in turn, help fertilize the fish ponds. While it sounds like a perfect system, raising three different species with no waste, the species may be exchanging viruses among themselves through the feces”... . (Scott Ashley, Lessons From the SARS Epidemic, May 3, 2005.)

(Sources: International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, MSNBC, WorldNetDaily .) (World News and Trends: Gaza's Uncertain Future, December 2, 2005.)

“Heightened alert comes in the wake of reports that Iranian crackpot president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Hezbollah leaders in Syria earlier this year” (Michelle Malkin, “Hezbollah Is Here,” WorldNetDaily, July 19, 2006). (In Brief... World News Review: What Harm Could Iran Do?, February 8, 2007.)

(Sources: Associated Press, Cybercast News Service, WorldNetDaily, ACLU Web site.) (Jerold Aust and John Ross Schroeder, World News and Trends: California court approves gay marriage--what does it mean?, August 3, 2008.)

An article on concerning author David Flynn's latest book begins with the question: “Was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem more than a place of worship?” Expanding upon this thought-provoking question, the August 14, 2008 article continues, “Was it, indeed, a roadmap to future events—a kind of prophetic landmark whose significance is only now revealed through the development of satellite imagery? “That is the contention of an explosive new book 'Temple at the Center of Time: Newton's Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012,' by David Flynn, a book that has risen dramatically to No. 1 among unexplained mysteries, No. 1 in world history and 73 overall on The book asserts it has 'deciphered Isaac Newton's greatest paradox: None other than “the unified field theory” of Bible prophecy.'” (Randy Stiver, Temple at the Center of Time: Fact or Fiction?, September 4, 2008.)

In his new book Shocked by the Bible Kovacs, currently executive news editor for, questions everything people think they know about the Bible. (Mike Bennett, Shocked by the Bible?, November 23, 2008.)

[Kovacs's books, Shocked by the Bible (2008) and The Divine Secret (2012), have been denounced by The Berean Call as Armstrongism. Those books teach many of HWA's teachings. Banned by HWA reported on this fact. - Redfox712.]

Journalist Joe Kovacs has written for broadcast, print and online media for more than 25 years, receiving awards for excellence in news coverage from both the Associated Press and United Press International news services. Mr. Kovacs has been executive news editor for WorldNetDaily, a leading Internet news site, since 1999. His strong interest in the Bible led him to write the recent best seller Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told. The book documents many surprising facts regarding common beliefs that are and are not supported by Scripture. (Jerold Aust, Shocked by the Bible, March 24, 2010.)

[Kovacs's books, Shocked by the Bible (2008) and The Divine Secret (2012), have been denounced by The Berean Call as Armstrongism. Those books teach many of HWA's teachings. Banned by HWA reported on this fact. - Redfox712.] 

To most religious-minded people, the unvarnished facts of the Bible can indeed be shocking. One person who was shocked was Joe Kovacs, executive news editor of WorldNetDaily. An interview with him appears in this issue, see Shocked by the Bible. Kovacs has written a book titled Shocked by the Bible, in which he offers his readers some interesting Bible facts. (Jerold Aust, Shocked by the Bible, Changed by the Truth, March 25, 2010.)

[Kovacs's books, Shocked by the Bible (2008) and The Divine Secret (2012), have been denounced by The Berean Call as Armstrongism. Those books teach many of HWA's teachings. Banned by HWA reported on this fact. - Redfox712.] 

The Canadian press has taken an interest in the lost tribes of Israel—at least in a group that some think is one of the tribes. An unusual community of 1.5 million Jews living on the India-Burma border has captured the attention of some influential people. WorldNet Daily has picked up the story. (Cecil Maranville, David Palmer, John Ross Schroeder and Mario Seiglie, In Brief...World News Review: Lost Tribe of Israel?, July 22, 2010.)

[British Israelism is complete nonsense. has shown that British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. - Redfox712.] 

Best-selling author and award-winning journalist Joe Kovacs, executive news editor at WorldNetDaily, has recently written a new book, The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny. This insightful new book documents little-understood truths from the Bible that few are aware of but that everyone needs to know. (Jerold Aust, The Divine Secret, September 6, 2012.)

[Kovacs's books, Shocked by the Bible (2008) and The Divine Secret (2012), have been denounced by The Berean Call as Armstrongism. Those books teach many of HWA's teachings. Banned by HWA reported on this fact. - Redfox712.] 

Joe Kovacs of WorldNetDaily published a very supportive report on August 29 with his article, “Glenn Beck: U.S. Identified in Bible.” His article began: “Radio and television host Glenn Beck is now going public with his belief the United States is among the famous “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel,” and America today is suffering calamities just as ancient Israel did due to its disobedience to the laws of God.” The WND article is at (Don Hooser, The 7 Reasons - no, 8 Reasons - America Became a Great Power, April 2, 2014.)

[British Israelism is complete nonsense. has shown that British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. - Redfox712.]

Joseph Farah, editor in chief of WND (the former WorldNetDaily), commented prior to the caliphate announcement: "Do I expect to see ISIS conquer the Middle East, North Africa, part of Europe and Asia in the 21st century? No, I don't. But I do expect to see enormous carnage and destruction and bloodshed as a result of this movement—far more, perhaps, than most other analysts project. There is a ferocity to ISIS that makes even al-Qaida uncomfortable. It has already captured more wealth and armaments, including chemical weapons, than all but a handful of countries in the world possess . . .
"Brutality difficult for Westerners to even imagine is the modus operandi of ISIS. It calls for a scorched-earth policy against its enemies—which includes Christians, Shiites, Alawites, Jews, non-believers and all non-Sunnis. ISIS leadership advocates and practices barbarism designed to strike fear into the hearts and minds of its opponents and anyone who doesn't stand with them in their strict Shariah Sunni code.
"Already the ISIS marauders have crucified victims, beheaded them and conducted mass executions of Iraqi soldiers and civilians. No atrocity is beneath them" ("ISIS Rising—What It Portends," June 23, 2014).
Farah compares the speed of their conquest with the original march of Islam and even Alexander the Great. "The success of campaigns like that requires that superior forces faint in fear of the coming hordes. You can see it's working already in Iraq" (ibid.). (Tom Robinson, Islamic Caliphate Declared: What Does It Mean?, August 27, 2014.)

Regarding a more recent incident, (formerly WorldNetDaily) editor in chief Joseph Farah writes: “For a moment, forget 'same-sex marriage.' Forget the fact that so many television shows and movies feature sympathetic 'gay' characters … Forget that 'homophobic' is the new 'racist' slur. Think about … the headlines that a sports figure gets simply by coming out of the 'gay' closet.

“Today, when a 'gay' NFL [National Football League] draftee kisses his same-sex partner [on TV], he is congratulated by the president of the United States. That's what happened last week [in May] when Michael Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL … When other athletes pointed out the gratuitousness and impropriety of the moment, they were vilified —not just by 'gay' activists, but by the sports media” (“How Far the 'Gay' Revolution Has Come,” May 18, 2014, emphasis added throughout). ...

“Remember,” Farah asks, “when the rhetoric of the 'gay rights' movement was, 'What I do in the privacy of my own bedroom is nobody else's business'? Today … the 'gay revolution' … has done a 180 and now believes what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is everyone's business. It must be considered a heroic act when a homosexual tells the world what he or she is. Dissenters are punished. It was always cool to be an athlete. But now it is especially cool to be a 'gay' athlete.” (Tom Robinson, Government and the Gay Agenda, October 31, 2014.)

Over these same decades, morality has plummeted throughout the world and in the United States. Commentator Mychal Massie remarks: “They took away 'thou shalt not kill' and 'honor thy father and mother' and replaced it with school shootings, abortion and homosexual sensitivity. With God out of schools, school crime has increased 700 percent, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence” (“God, Not Crime, Barred From Schools,”, August 4, 2014). (Tom Robinson, America's War on God, October 31, 2014.)


It is concerning to see UCG's leaders have taken such a source as though it were gospel. No good can come from this.

It is surprising to me to note that UCG seems to quote from WorldNetDaily even more than LCG or PCG. I more quotes from UCG than from those other major COG groups. This list does not even have all of their quotes. I have ignored some quotes from affiliate blogs instead choosing to focus on UCG's main website.

People deserve to know that UCG uses WorldNetDaily in this way.

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