Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Overview of the May-June 2015 Issue of Tomorrow's World

(Warning: The cover of this issue, showing some innocent victims about to be executed, may be disturbing to some people.)

The latest issue of LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, is now out. Let us see what LCG's leaders have to say to try and convince people to join LCG.

This issue on its cover contains the grisly photo of people about to be executed by a violent jihadist group in Libya. I am highly disgusted that LCG's "leaders" chose to stick a photo of those dreadful murders on the cover of their magazine. So often LCG's "leaders" moan and condemn violent movies and tell people they don't need to watch those violent movies. The violence in movies is imaginary. The image shown on this issues cover is real. This is very hypocritical for them to use this image on the cover of their recruitment magazine. 

This issue reports to have a circulation of 497,000. This is an slight increase from the March-April issue (487,000), the January-February issue (492,000), the November-December 2014 issue (472,000), the September-October 2014 issue (458,000) and the July-August 2014 issue (457,000).

A circulation of 497,000 is a lot more than PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet's current circulation of 297,242 for its July 2015 issue. Back in 2011 in an article which was discussed in a previous post Stephen Flurry belittled LCG for having an income of "about $13.5 million" in 2009 while in 2010 PCG enjoyed an annual income of "$20.6 million". But today it seems that LCG's recruitment magazine has a far higher circulation even though PCG has more money. What on Earth is PCG doing wrong?

Roderick C. Meredith has a personal article boasting that his "world" (meaning belief in Armstrongism) will supplant mainstream society and became the mainstream culture itself once Christ returns.

Roderick C. Meredith also has an article that simplistically describes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys as being motivated by religion ignoring the many other issues that fueled its rise (Sunni Iraqis' fear of Shiite militias and the Baghdad government, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys' ability to fund themselves and pay their lackeys, access to illicit oil, exploiting the situation in Syria, widespread desperation for employment, etc.) and talks about "the power of religion" and how it can be used for good or ill. He also fear mongers about Europe rising up to power.

Stuart Wachowitz has a little article praising the utility of marshes.

Richard Ames has an article describing how empires rise and fall. All this is to introduce the reader to Armstrongism's teaching that Europe will soon conquer America but that Christ will soon return after that. 

Adam West has a little article describing the Battle of Waterloo's role in the rise of the British Empire.

Wallace Smith has an article talking about advanced computers.

The Q and A assures the reader that Christians (meaning LCG members) are allowed alcohol.

Douglas Winnail has a little article fear mongering that wars are about to get a lot worse. Douglas Winnail does that a lot.

Roger Meyer has a little article telling people to be positive. Maybe if LCG members didn't tithe so much maybe they would be more able to be positive about life.

Jonathan McNair has a little article telling LCG youth that learning the intricacies of Armstrongism is great fun. Unfortunately for everyone concerned Armstrongism is largely built on nonsense.

Richard Franz has a little article fear mongering that cheap oil may bring trouble.

There are letters as well. Here is one of them.
I have been following this ministry for a year now, and I thank God for your free literature. I have been in a “false” religion, thinking I was doing what the Father of Abraham wanted me to do.
Then do not join LCG or any other group associated with Armstrongism. Armstrongism is largely based on nonsense. They do not know the future. The Americans are not the descendants of Israel which an idea (British Israelism) which has been proven untrue. This doctrine is inherited from British Israelism. Silenced.co has shown how British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.
These false doctrines, holidays and man-made rituals made me unaware of the Bible’s true message!
They did not. Rather this person was simply unaware of Armstrongism until he or she had the misfortune of listening to LCG seriously. But LCG likes to teach that anything contrary to their practice was maliciously created by Satan the Devil for the sole purpose of keeping him or her out of LCG. That is nonsense.
It is only after I began to read your literature that I began to “open” my eyes.
His or her eyes were not opened. Rather LCG's words just seem persuasive but that does not make them true. In all likelihood this person has no idea of the painful and sordid history of Armstrongism or that the leader of LCG, Roderick C. Meredith, personally destroyed many marriages as part of HWA's "divorce and remarriage" policy.
I continue to pray for God’s Truth. Your invaluable article entitled: “Will God Bless You and Your Finances?” was truly an eye-opener! Bless you all!
LCG's "leaders" get their money by ordering their followers to pay them three tithes. None of this "free literature" is actually free. Because they anticipate that at least enough readers will take it seriously that they will begin to financially contribute on a regular basis and eventually pay the three tithes. LCG uses tithing in order to get your money. I hope this person does not give it to them.

And so this issue comes to an end. Once again LCG's "leaders" has created yet another issue designed to convince people to sent the three tithes to LCG. This is how LCG's 1% get their money.

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  1. On page 18 there begins an article on the dangers of artificial intelligence. It's preaching to the choir.

    Armstrongists represent artificial intelligence, since they don't seem to have any of their own and just fake it what with their British Israelism and such.

    And we all have to say that based on their terrible example that they prove absolutely that artificial intelligence is very dangerous.

    I wonder if Roderick Meredith can pass the Turing Test?

    Probably not. His behavior suggests he's not even human. It's like Bladerunner -- it seems human, but there are subtle indications....