Thursday, May 21, 2015

PCG's Sympathy for the Rich and Opposition Against AG Lynch

Back in 2014 PCG's Joel Hilliker wrote an article in which he condemned "cursing the rich business leaders" seemingly having no sympathy for the vast suffering inflicted upon the American people caused by acts some of these "rich business leaders" from 2007 onwards.
Cursing the leaders, speaking ill of the government, even cursing the rich business leaders—these are hallmarks of American democracy. Any mistake the president or other public official makes, the press attacks with piranha-like ferocity. The lead-up to elections are particularly brutal, as people on all sides smear candidates and candidates smear one another.

Is democracy really more godly than a monarchy? (Joel Hilliker, The Office, December 8, 2014.)
Maybe some of those "rich business leaders" were being cursed for a good reason.

Just now several big banks have been fined billions of dollars for fixing foreign exchange of currencies.

Here are some remarks by Attorney General Lynch about this sordid affair.

Incidentally PCG opposed Loretta Lynch's nomination as Attorney General. They absurdly fear mongered that her confirmation would fuel the protests against police brutality carefully ignoring how the actions of some police officers have provoked these events.
An African-American heritage is not the only thing outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder shares with the Obama administration’s nominated replacement. When President Barack Obama nominated Loretta Lynch on November 8 as the next attorney general, he selected Holder’s ideological double. Both Holder and Lynch espouse the same radical racial prejudices that now stoke the flames of race riots in the United States.

Lynch is currently the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. President Obama noted that she “might be the only lawyer in America who battles mobsters, and drug lords and terrorists, and still has a reputation for being a charming people person.” Over the 15 years she has worked in the Justice Department, Lynch has earned a “non-partisan,” “independent” reputation—prosecuting high-profile Republicans and Democrats alike, U.S. corporations, Asian gangs and al Qaeda operatives. ...

Her probable confirmation, unfortunately, will mean more Fergusons, more racial prejudice, more race riots—not less. Wittingly or unwittingly, the racial ideology Holder and Lynch share does not help America’s race problems. In some cases, it legitimizes them. (Anthony Chibarirwe, Ferguson Is Only the Beginning if Loretta Lynch Replaces Eric Holder, December 4, 2014.)
What claptrap. As though people would go on the streets just because she became Attorney General.

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