Thursday, May 21, 2015

Overview of the July 2015 Issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet

The latest issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet (July 2015), is now out. Let us see what PCG's leaders say this time in order to get more tithe money from PCG members and co-workers.

This issue has a circulation of 297,242. This is practically the same as the last issue (297,255). For the second time since the December 2010 issue The Philadelphia Trumpet has had a circulation lower than 300,000. This is part of a continuing decline since the December 2012 issue (341,259). Clearly all the money PCG's members and co-workers are sending to PCG has been failing to increase circulation for The Philadelphia Trumpet for over two years now. Where is that money going? Is it being spent effectively?

Let us see what PCG's leaders have to say.

Gerald Flurry has a personal article fear mongering that ethnic minorities are about to go on a rampage against white Americans. PCG has a shameful history of fear mongering that African Americans will any minute now go on a riot against white Americans. PCG have indulged in this shameful race baiting since at least 1992.

Accompanying Flurry's race baiting article is a little side article about a wave of xenophobic violence in South Africa.

Robert Morley has an article fear mongering that the US currency is doomed. He cites Larry Summers who helped engineer the abolishing the Steagal-Glass Act in 1999, an act widely judged to have opened the door to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8 by making it possible for more banks to engage in risky behavior. Why Morley would cite a man like him as an authority is baffling.

Morley says the US economy is about to be destroyed a lot. But somehow it never happens. Somehow the leaders of PCG never find it necessary to flee the country. Somehow they do not bother to tell their readers that once you account for inflation the US Federal Debt was actually higher in the 1940s because of World War II. There are many problems that are of concern but the US government going bankrupt is not one of them.

But what can one expect from a man who had no professional training in economics?

Phillip Nice has an article about the earthquake in Nepal. That earthquake is not a sign that PCG's dire prophecies will soon be fulfilled. PCG have made many false predictions thus proving that they cannot see into the future. Remember what they said about Egypt?

Jeremiah Jacques has an article about a man planting a forest. It is insinuated that things like this will occur once PCG's Christ returns.

Richard Palmer has an article fear mongering that America has lost control of Latin America. He ignores how those Latin American states are independent countries. Did he not know that?

Joel Hilliker has an article praising the health benefits of sleep.

The Infographic moans about how the nuclear family is not quite so common nowadays. PCG has a long history of vilifying homosexuals in order to distract PCG members from the problems within PCG.

Gerald Flurry also has an article comparing his doctrines regarding angels and demons as being just like Star Wars. It serves as advertising for Gerald Flurry's booklet, The Real Star Wars.

Dennis Leap has an article talking about Winston Churchill discussing Moses. PCG has a long history of idealizing Winston Churchill even though PCG's leaders forbid their followers from joining the military.

Joel Hilliker also has an article saying children need to do what their parents tell them.

Stephen Flurry has a little article praising Winston Churchill's determination to make paintings.

There are letters. Strangely enough one of them is written by one Andrew Hessong. He writes for PCG as may be seen here and here. Is PCG's recruitment magazine really so desperate for fawning letters they need to write letters to themselves?

Here is (PCG's) Andrew Hessong's letter.
All of this makes my blood boil! [He is writing about an article condemning negotiations by the Obama Administration with Iran]... . This administration leaves our citizens scratching their heads and our allies in total bewilderment. It’s absolute confusion and nobody can see through it but the Trumpet. The world has been set alight in the last half-dozen years [2009-2015] and what lies ahead looks VERY ugly.
And so "nobody can see through it but the Trumpet". This is nonsense. You would not know it reading this letter but there is a thriving opposition against President Obama. It is delusional to insinuate that only PCG "see through it" when many others also share PCG's opinion of the negotiations. And practically all of them have nothing to do with PCG.

He says "The world has been set alight in the last half-dozen years" but then why is it that Armstrongites have been fear mongering that America will soon be conquered any minute now since the 1930s?

And so this post comes to an end.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that the Armstrongist churches of God are so fascinated with Star Wars. I wonder if they would be so engaged to use Star Wars as a jumping off point for their stupid articles if they realized that Star Wars is all about neopaganism.

    So, does Flurry support neopaganism? Does he believe in The Force? Is his religion all about magic?

    I would suppose not.

    I think Flurry's religion more revolves around alcohol.

  2. It is strange that these Armstrongites try to exploit Star Wars to lure people into Armstrongism. It is strange.

    1. Especially since Star Wars -- what with its plethora of different intelligent alien species all co-existing on roughly equal footing -- doesn't exactly mesh with Armstrongism's conceited notion of humanity being the top dog of the entire physical universe.

      Of course, perhaps when they speak of Star Wars they're really speaking of Star Trek. Not only is Trek's view of humanity more in-line with Armstrongism's, non-fans are always getting the two franchises confused, anyway.

  3. I believe that Star Trek is far beyond the comprehension of the average Armstrongist because it is based on science.

    On the other hand, Star Wars is based on mysticism and magic. Not much effort went into insuring one shred of scientific validity. The Armstrongists relate to it so very well because they are superstitious and believe in magic while they don't have much use for science as we have seen.

    It's also the case that Star Wars is relatable to Armstrongists because they are like the evil Empire trying to dominate everything and everybody, tolerate no dissent or rebels and rely on fear to maintain their authority. It would be more appropriate to frame Roderick Meredith as Darth Vader and Herbert Armstrong as the Emperor.

    Yes, Star Wars has a lot of appeal because it embodies devotion to the magic of an ancient religion.

    May the forced be with you.

  4. The tactic of COG's writing letters to their own magazines is a carry over from the days of the WCG. This was regularly done when they needed filler space.

    1. I had no idea WCG did this too. Thank you for your insight.

  5. Seeing how Pentecost is upon us, we should pause to recognize how men like Gerald Flurry show us What Jesus is Like.