Monday, May 18, 2015

PCG Writer Intimidated by "SOUR" Women on Magazine Covers

Get a load of this from a 2008 article entitled "Fathers: Teach Your Daughter About True Beauty". Not everything in here is wrong but take a look at this.
How often do you remind your daughter that the most beautiful thing about her is her SMILE? My daughter is only 3 years old, but as a music professional, I’ve dealt with MANY young female performers who are afraid to smile—along with a number of other insecurities. I know society has deceived them, and it stirs me as a parent to do everything I can to combat those influences. 
And how does he combat such influences? We shall see very soon. We now continue. Immediately afterwards he says:
What does society tell our girls about smiling? How many “beautiful” women grace magazine covers with SOUR looks on their faces? Our rock stars, rappers and dancers have to look angry. It’s meant to be seductive or sexy, but as a man and father, I’m troubled by it. Not only is it intimidating, it’s not nearly as pretty.
Give me a break! I can't believe this. The writer of this article is intimidated by women on magazine covers who, in his mind, look "SOUR".

He says "it is intimidating". Which means he is intimidated by them. He is intimidated by photos of women on magazine covers. Not real women mind you. He is intimidated by the photos of women on magazine covers.

And he thinks the women on these magazine covers look "SOUR". I can't believe he thinks they look "SOUR". That thought has never occurred to me in my entire life. I am astonished that is what he thinks when he sees these magazine covers.

I cannot help but wonder if his mind has been warped by the narrow way Armstrongism defines women's role in family life.

But there's more. Immediately afterwards he says:
Teach your daughter that she exudes beauty when she has a positive attitude and expression on her face. My young ["3 years old"] daughter must be taught that when she is in a foul mood, she is acting “ugly.” I don’t care what the self-esteem gurus say; our daughters need to know when they aren’t pretty. I know that using that terminology is going to register more of a reaction. When she is happy and smiling, I make it a point to tell her how beautiful she is when she acts that way.
So he calls a three year old girl "ugly" when she "is in a foul mood".

And he does this because "I know that using that terminology is going to register more of a reaction."

I cannot believe that he thinks that is a good idea. 

Hasn't he ever heard of anorexia or bulimia? I would not wish such terrible things on anyone. That may seem like an extreme thought but I will not hide that that is what I immediately thought about hearing that he calls a three year old girl "ugly" in order to get "more of a reaction" from her.

Well, now we know what the writer thinks when he sees magazine covers with women of a certain look on them and that he calls his three year old daughter "ugly" in order to get "more of a reaction" from her. And that PCG members read this thinking they are getting great advice.

I cannot believe any good could possibly come out of this. 

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